Happy New Year! We All Hate Change

Photo by Rob Ferguson

Four years ago, a blog editor at Copper & Blue named Derek Zona, reached out to the masses on Twitter simply proclaiming, “What’s it going to take to find an Oklahoma City Barons writer?” I inquired, was instantly encouraged to join the writing team, and churned out mediocre stabs at sharing the world of Barons hockey with Edmonton fans. As they say, the rest is history.

Since that time, I’ve migrated to this blog, Tend The Farm, where the finite focus gets right to the heartbeat of hockey in the city I call home. It’s been a magical trip to say the least. Good seasons, lockout seasons, awards, highs, very few lows, gifs, wallpapers, and honest-to-goodness writing has hopefully entertained those that have stumbled onto this site. If nothing else, my grandmother has enjoyed reading. Mission accomplished.

As we reach 2014, there are some changes coming at Tend the Farm, and although we (me) hate change, this is really a good thing. Trust me.

I hate beat writing. I don’t like reading it, and I don’t like writing it. However, it’s necessary to the sports world, and thus it exists. We need folk, with much more intestinal fortitude than I, to dig in for the quotes, the nitty, the gritty, and gift the world with the necessary details that help us better frame our perspective of an organization. Yes, even in the minors.

I write about a local hockey team, and that team hasn’t been able to accommodate my needs as a writer. Meaning, the only access afforded to me is on their terms, inflexible, and not accommodating. That’s fine. They make the rules. I wouldn’t ask them to bend them. Although it would be nice to have a one-on-one phone interview when I simply can’t drive 20 minutes to practice everyday or attend every home game. I digress, this isn’t one of those posts. To the point.

Through the grind of weekly writes I began to notice a trend in traffic to this site. The posts I like writing weren’t necessarily the one’s you liked reading. Okay. Not only were they specific posts that you liked, but they had a very specific tone. They were the writing that were deeply personal. That blurred lines between fan and critic. They were little pieces of my life infused with hockey. Those posts are hard to write because they demand me. Because this phenomena has occurred, I, the founder/editor/bafoon, have elected to end beat writing at Tend the Farm.

Game previews and game recaps will go away. Instead we will focus on the prospects, the overall health of the team, the coaching decisions, and anything else that might be worthy of “featured” space. Don’t think for one moment that this means the writing gets sparse or patchy, because I think this style of writing demands more time, and more time more often.

I hope that you like the changes, and that you keep reading. The goal has always been for me to share a little slice of the pie with you, the reader. As you digest each slice it gets better, more full bodied, more incredibly rich. I just don’t want you to have to binge eat the pie, and spend all morning questioning whether or not your stomach will ever stop blenderizing itself. Rather indulge slowly, and at your own pace. Through the changes taking place in 2014, I think that very thing will happen.

P.S. I love key line pie, for the record.