Richard Bachman Returned To Oklahoma City, Rimmer To Quad City

Photo by Steven Christy

It’s been a while since The Biz has been in Oklahoma City. Heck, it’s been a while since he’s played at all. Following a groin injury in early November with the Oilers where he was off to a pretty fantastic NHL start, Richard Bachman would be sidelines for the better part of six weeks. His return, which starts in Oklahoma City, brings about some resemblance of moving forward at three levels of the Oilers organization.

The Oilers can finally remove him from the IR, and hopefully begin to use him. The injury bug bit Ilya Bryzgalov too, and the Oilers really need to start seeing some return on a few of their investments. Bachman is one of those supposedly high-yield players even though he was originally positioned at number three in the goaltending depth chart to start the season (Dubnyk, LaBarbera, Bachman).

Laurent Brossoit and Ty Rimmer are currently the go-to fellas in Oklahoma City. Brossoit looked great, and then didn’t en route to giving the reins to Rimmer who, out of the gate, looks pretty great himself. However, we’ve been down this path before. With the introduction of Bachman to the AHL roster, it has necessitated a move of one of those two tenders. Ironically Rimmer has been returned to the Quad City Mallards of the CHL. That leaves Brossoit, and his entirely promising career as an Oilers goaltender (or at least hot/cold right now).

NHL contracted Tyler Bunz and AHL contracted Chet Pickard remain in other destinations, but likely candidates for call-ups when needed. It really is fantastically goofy to see how the Oilers went from two goaltending prospects a season ago to a good helping of them this season (with the two from the previous season either gone or down the totem pole).

The transactions will continue to hit us like that tidal wave in the coming days, but as it stands (Thanks Patricia!) the Oilers season transactions as of December 10th are at 79. An incredible number for early December, no doubt. Who might be #100? Post forthcoming on that very topic.

In the meantime, welcome back Richard Bachman and farewell Ty Rimmer. Both are classy fellas.