Tyler Pitlick Is Healthy! Assigned To Oklahoma City

Announced this morning, Tyler Pitlick has been assigned to Oklahoma City. Seven games in the AHL, three games in the NHL, Tyler Pitlick was having a pretty good start to his 2013-14 season until October 26th rolled around, and a knee injury sidelined him from play.

This is good news for the Oilers.

He can finally come off the IR. They can see how he fares in the minors. Perhaps he can return to solid training camp form. A lot has changed since the knee injury occurred, but MacTavish and Eakins will likely watch him very closely, and eagerly welcome him back if he “shows good”.

This is good news for Oklahoma City.

Before his brief three game NHL stint, Pitlick scored three points in seven games for OKC. It isn’t necessarily the points that the Barons need, nor his offensive capabilities. Instead, they really would like some familiarity on this squad, and perhaps some consistency. I’m a bit bullish on Tyler, have been for a while, and will likely continue to be, but there’s no denying that the Barons need A) consistency, B) more offense, and C) offensive players helping the defense. Pitlick can do those things, the question is will he?