BBG&CS: Oilers, NHL’s Youngest Scout, Mitch Korn, Courage, Burning Bridges & Thugs

To quote Lowetide, “Oh those Oilers!” Just when you think they are back on the right path they hit yet another rock bottom. The good news — their stats were great last night! The bad news — they are still losing. And let’s face it, winning is what really counts in this game, no matter the glowing stats. If you are a star on a team, and want to be remembered as a star years down the road, you have to play 24/7 like a star and this top crop of Oilers is not doing that. Having seen a few of these boys down in OKC during the lockout we saw a bit of this same attitude — a couple of them have a tendency to play selfishly. Spoiled, selfish and overindulged. This is Sam Gagner’s seventh season with the Oilers, Taylor Hall’s and Jordan Eberle’s fourth, and RNH’s third season. No more excuses. And it is time to STOP calling these boys “young stars” — they have not yet earned that right.

| 99.9% of all Oilers fans have been against a top-line player trade … I’ve been with that .1% … trade one. Now.:

“The Edmonton Oilers are going to finish last with Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Sam Gagner and Justin Schultz, they can sure as hell finish last without them.” — via Lowetide at OilersNation.

| And the selfish play part ….

“It’s hard to watch a guy like Arcobello on one shift – a guy who probably isn’t going to be a pivotal part of the Oilers future – and then watch one of the young stars on the next and know that the former is playing a 200-foot game and the latter are looking to fly the zone at the first opportunity. ” — via Jonathan Willis at OilersNation.

| Moving along to other (and better!) hockey news … the NHL’s youngest scout:

“Now, after multiple concussions while at the University of Maine limited him to just 64 of a possible 168 NCAA games, he is working for the Flyers as the youngest full-time scout in the NHL at age 23.” — via Frank Seravalli at

| If you are unfamiliar with Nashville Predators goalie guru Mitch Korn, you’d best catch up!

“Just look at all the goalie coaches around the league who are disciples of Korn – or like Predators head coach Barry Trotz likes to say, “Children of the Korn. Mike Valley (Dallas), Corey Hirsch (St. Louis), Clint Malarchuk (Calgary), Olaf Kolzig (Washington), Mike Dunham (N.Y. Islanders), Wade Flaherty (Winnipeg) and Mike Bales (Pittsburgh) all learned from Korn.” — via Tim Wharnsby at CBCSports.

| It’s about Courage:

“Courage Canada Hockey for the Blind was founded by Mark DeMontis, who was a top AAA hockey player in Toronto and had aspirations of an NCAA scholarship when he got older. But DeMontis lost his sight at age 17, and that led him to start up Courage Canada. A large metal puck with ball bearings inside to make a constant noise is used for the hockey games. “We use hockey as a catylist — if you have the courage to go on the ice, then you have the courage to do other things in life,” said DeMontis, 26.” — via John Coleburn at The Province.

| Mike Commodore continues to burn bridges:

“Fifteen minutes into free agency my agent calls me and tells me that Detroit called. They offered me a contract. I had a bad history with Mike Babcock, I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. He tried and succeeded in burying me in the minors in my third pro year, but I got out of it. I wanted nothing to do with him.” — via Danijel Jelenek/Krešimir Biškup at KHL.HR.

| And of course, Shawn Thornton, James Neal, Zac Rinaldo and Ray Emery:

“The rules need to change to give the league the power to – and no excuse not to – suspend the next Emery; there is plenty in the rule book to suspend Thornton. It will help Thornton that he has not been suspended before, but it will hurt him that Orpik was injured. Six games appears to be the minimum here, but it should be more than that. Much more. This is garbage. Clean it up.” — via Nicholas J. Cotsonika at Yahoo Sports.

“Those who defend fighting in the NHL will tell you this had nothing to do with fighting. And that’s a bunch of unadulterated bunk. It had everything to do with fighting. Why did Thornton attack Orpik in the first place? Because Orpik refused to fight him, that’s why. So Thornton took it upon himself to force Orpik into a fight. And that has nothing to do with fighting? Who are these people trying to kid?”  — via Ken Campbell at Hockey News.


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  1. I have been an Oilers’ fan since the days of the old World Hockey Association. This team went from a dynasty in the 80’s to a has been in the 90’s and now 2000’s. With all the hope (and hype) for the Oilers the past 4 (or is it 5) seasons, this “team” has turned into a dismal failure. I think that is one of the issues with the Oilers is that they do not play like a “team”, but rather like a bunch of talented individuals.

      1. That’s a good point. I’ll give MacT & Eakins the benefit of the doubt this season – they are playing w/ Tambo picks. However, knowing that, and still trying to “make” this team into something it can’t be is weird. It is all just a mess.

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