Potter. Marincin. Lander. All Headed To Oilers. And Why?

That’s a great question, and I’m glad that you’ve landed on this site as we make a complete stab in the dark on explaining exactly “why” Corey Potter, Martin Marincin, and Anton Lander are all heading to Oil Country. Well, first and foremost, Will Acton and Denis Grebeshkov are headed to Oklahoma City.

Although Grebs is familiar with OKC, Will Acton hasn’t hit minor league ice since playing for the Toronto Marlies last season. The Oilers have favored him on the fourth line, and it has been dicey to say the least. I’ve long believed (okay, not long, a couple of weeks) that both Anton Lander and Roman Horak are better fourth line centermen. They just are. Capable of fine defense and offense, they have the potential to give you fewer chances against. That is ALWAYS a good thing.

Corey Potter and Denis Grebeshkov seem to be guys most likely to switch places lately, and I think I have always favored Grebs a bit more. And Potter, having just landed in OKC only a few days ago, is going to hit the defensive blender in the wake of a complete spanking put on by the Coyotes. Hooowwwwwwwbadcantheybe?

Marincin is an interesting choice.

Having never played a single minute of NHL hockey, this will be his first call up to the Oilers. That’s huge for the young prospect who is only a year removed from playing alongside Justin Schultz. Might we see those two duo-it-up again? Why not. Maybe there is some magical bean that the two can share, and instantly become bastions of defensive awesomeness. On the other hand…

Marincin continues to be hit or miss. In the defensive blender himself, it isn’t unusual for him to play with Taylor Fedun (solid puck mover) the most, and Brad Hunt and Oscar Klefbom from time to time. However, we are about four days removed from him being a healthy scratch, but that was probably more about prospect space more than anything else.

There are only two current Barons sporting a positive plus/minus. You guessed it, the two defenders whom play offensive styles and high minutes together – Fedun and Marincin. Marincin hasn’t notched as many points as Fedun, but he is also a more cautious yin to the Taylor yang. However, he’s coming off a really good game where he scored the first goal against the stingy Texas Stars.

At this point in the Oilers season it certainly is worth a look at some guys who have cut their teeth on the farm. With Lander, we’ve been there, done that, not necessarily interested in the t-shirt, but he knows that. This might be a good excuse for him to charge forth in a bottom role, if they choose to place him there. PK might be a good spot too.

Marincin is a question mark of sorts, but he is easy to root for. String bean or not, he has some admirable hockeying running through his veins. Let’s see what happens.

And what to do with Will Acton? Well, the loss of Lander instantly upgrades Horak to the first line center with Omark on the wing. Acton might be an underachiever on a second line, so perhaps the third line with C.J. Stretch and Ryan Hamilton on the wings? Possibilities are there, and don’t think for a moment that Horak doesn’t begin to have a bit of a breakthrough on the Barons long road swing. He’s potentially that good.

More to come.

6 comments on “Potter. Marincin. Lander. All Headed To Oilers. And Why?”

  1. It’s no wonder the Barons can’t put a consistent winning streak together with all of these player changes. I sure would like some of the Oilers’ frequent flier miles.

    1. Man, you said it Mark. This has been a jumbled up season for both clubs really. IF the Barons can make the playoffs, they could make a surprising run because they’d get a fully, complete, stellar roster ALL AT ONCE. That’s what I’m rooting for.

      1. I’m hoping we (the Barons) can make the playoffs. While we’re only 1 point out of a playoff spot for now, we can’t afford to dig a deep hole with too many teams to try a jump over. It sure would be nice just to get to a .500 record, but every time we get close, we seem to take a step backwards (like with the loss last night).

      2. So, fingers crossed that we can hang in by the skin of our teeth for that 8th playoff spot, then Katie-bar-the-door & hope we can gel a good team together during the playoffs? LOL….why not? That sounds about right for this season. And probably just insane enough to work! 🙂

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