Workin’ For The Weekend: Oklahoma City Barons at San Antonio Rampage “Here I Go Again”

David Coverdale could wail. As an alumnus of Deep Purple version 2.0, he had the rock/blues chops to pull of 80’s glam better than most, and almost by accident he had the résumé to fill that role. Auditioning, and eventually earning the right to play the front man for Deep Purple in the early to mid-70’s, Coverdale transformed the hard rock legends into more mainstream mush. But it wasn’t all his fault. Blackmore was fading, Gillian was irreplaceable – it was really just a moment in time where change happened, and the band Deep Purple ceased to exist. Yet David carried on.

Emerging as the frontman for Whitesnake alongside vets of the industry, David Coverdale quickly moved away from the Puple hard rocking roots, and sought greener pastures and commercial success in mainstream rock. He played the part well – smokey voice, long hair, love of tight clothing and chest exposing – he was born to be a hair band man.

At the peak of their success a little song titled “Here I Go Again” propelled the act to superstardom, and etched their name in the pantheon of glitzy hair bands of the 80’s. The song would be an international hit, and for all its schmaltzy goo, it’s actually a pretty great couple of minutes.

A torch song wrapped in a glamorous rock package, it is truly a masterpiece of excessive guitar chunk, thick bass, and vocal tenacity. Coverdale had never been better, and his voice creates the mood as the half notes tick on.

The most convincing feat is how serious White Snake handles the song. Bands like Dio and Quiet Riot, of similar ilk, almost obnoxiously ran amuck through their glamorized interpretations of songs. Coverdale and White Snake came by it naturally as gifted musicians, songwriters, and performers. That’s why “Here I Go Again” is one of the greatest tracks of the 80’s – it’s honest.

Lyrically the songwriter is discussing loneliness from the top of the trash heap. And regardless of how alone he might be, he’s made up his mind, he ain’t wastin’ no more time. Because here he goes again.

Here we go again indeed. A week ago the Barons defeated the Rampage in a highly entertaining Tuesday morning school day game. Tyler Bunz had a solid victory, and the Barons wielded some mighty crafty offense. Here we are. Another Tuesday, another school day game, another meeting with the San Antonio Rampage.

But a lot has happened in one week, and that’s the life in the minors.

The Bryzgalov era ended in Oklahoma as quickly as it began. He went 50/50, but clearly imitates goaltenders of a much higher caliber than those in the AHL. Although his spot in Edmonton is gift wrapped, and ready to go, it’s yet to be seen if he can cure what ails the Oilers. The answer is he can’t, and thus it feels a bit like shining a cow patty.

Jason LaBarbera likely becomes a Baron, a defender is likely to be recalled to Edmonton, Lander is healthy, Horak is emerging, and maybe, just maybe, Curtis Hamilton goes back into the lineup after a huge stretch of recovery after ACL surgery.
The game will be good although early, and the Barons will play a torrid schedule from now to the New Year (mostly on the road), and so winning games now is really important. Dare I say streak?