Omark Earns Himself A “Saturday Night In The Big Town” Penalty Shot

Saturday evening was a good showing for Sir Linus. In ways that probably even surprised me, and continued my love/hate/love relationship for the winger with scowls for days. My favorite part was when he earned a penalty shot doing things an Omark likes to do. Keep in mind, this was his second penalty shot of the season, and subsequently his second goal scored on a penalty shot. Love.

To the GIFs:

Here is Omark earning every bit of that penalty shot. Great stride, great finish, unfraid of running the goaltender. It’s just a beautiful hockey moment.

Then he gets his opportunity to unleash a penalty shot, and he does so in a very different way. Rather than an intentional dangle, he gives the puck a full forced wrist shot. THIS is an NHL penalty goal. No doubt about it.