Linus Omark Headed To Oilers, Barons Depth Scoring Needed

Following a dazzling night by former Oklahoma City Barons in Sunshine, Florida, where Taylor Fedun and Mark Arcobello were glorious, another Baron alum joins the Oilers ranks. Announced early this am, Linus Omark has been called to the Edmonton Oilers just in time for their trip to the sunny beaches of Tampa.

Omark, long a hated darling in the minors, finally gets his shot with the Oilers after proving he still has the offensive gifts needed to play at the next level. Although he had a poor outing on Friday evening, his Saturday performance was vastly different. Strong on the net, careful with the puck, agile on defense – it was a very good Omarkian performance. With several injuries still pending in Edmonton, Omark will likely suit up asap in the Oilers lineup.

That leaves Oklahoma City with a bit of an offensive deficiency. You’ll never make up the twelve points scored by a player like Linus Omark, but adding Anton Lander, Ryan Hamilton, and maybe, just maybe, the gimpy Ryan Martindale certainly will help ease some things.

As we await the Barons next opponent in San Antonio, it will be interesting to see how Coach Nelson crafts his lineup. Continued upgraded roles to C.J. Stretch, and perhaps suddenly good Matt Ford, could be in the works. That’s not entirely a bad thing. Depth scoring continues to be an issue for Oklahoma City, and the emergence of a few players that aren’t household names might prove very important as we move into winter.

The bigger issue with the loss of Omark is on the power play. The kid can cling to a puck like very few, and the time he spends with the puck on the PP attack is great. Who is going to play that role? Since very few can, by default this will likely go to Lander or the newly relegated Hamilton. Either way, this will be an interesting week for both Oilers and Barons fans (of which I’m both, by the way).