Do Your Part To Make This World A Little Better…VOTE FOR A TEEMU HARTIKAINEN BOBBLEHEAD!

The old saying “it’s better late than never” applies to some things, but most of the time it really is just a trite statement placed on those people or events that really are late to the party. Take the Oklahoma City Barons for instance. Great team for many seasons now. They’ve also procured some great talent. One of those being Teemu Hartikainen, who was really a “heart” guy from a fan perspective. Attractive, a great player, magically talented, and endearing as can be. He’s gone. Long story very short, he felt he wasn’t in the immediate plans, and has sought refuge in Russia (weird phrase, yes). However, the Barons have chosen to possibly resurrect his likeness in the form of a bobblehead.

Our cries season after season for a Teemu bobblehead went unheard, and now we have a chance to attain his greatness for a momentary spasm. YOU, the fine readers of Tend The Farm, have a chance to make a positive difference in this world by voting for the Teemu Hartikainen bobblehead.

The three-part release of bobbleheads this season will feature Todd Nelson, Justin Schultz (odd), and one more. The choice is up to the fans. It will either be Mark Arcobello, Yann Danis, Bryan Helmer, and Teemu Hartikainen. Vote with your heart, which will always lead you to Teemu, and you can own a piece of history.

Regardless of the clanky nature of enshrining players that have now left, and are playing elsewhere, this is an opportunity for you and me and all of use to to do our part to make this world a little better…