New Possibilities For USL OKC Soccer Team Names, Crests Included

A month ago to the day, we brought you a couple of the possible names for the upcoming Prodigal USL PRO soccer team, set to kick off during the 2014 season. Today, we bring you a couple more names with some accompanying crests. Found today are possible names of OKC Aeros FC, OKC Wind FC, and OKC 46ers FC. With the exception of OKC Aeros FC, we have the crests of the latter two, along with the crests for the previously found OKC Energy FC and OKC Spirit FC, giving us a look at the possible identities and colors that Prodigal has brought to the table. So without further adieu, your possible Oklahoma City USL PRO team name.

OKC Energy FC

The OKC Energy FC crest features a steel blue and lime green color scheme that seems to go together relatively well, but I’m not sure how that would translate on a kit design. “Labor Omnia Vincit” adorn the top of the crest, Latin for “Work Conquers All.” The phrase comes from a an ancient Roman poem that supported Augustus Caesar’s “Back to the Land” policy, encouraging more Romans to become farmers. Given the history of ranching and oil work in the state, it certainly fits the local vibe. The biggest issue I have with the crest is the star in the center seeming to be off just a bit. That it’s not one solid line and continues to feed into the circle surrounding it is a bit off-putting in my opinion.

OKC Spirit FC

Probably my front-runner as far as the crest goes, but I’m still not a fan of the name. A good looking shield with the state outline at the top, and a hawk/eagle/bird design that emulates the Native American style of bird drawings. You can also make a case that it has an effect of a B2 Bomber image, bringing in the Air Force element of the local Tinker Air Force Base. Once again, a steel blue color used with silver.

 OKC Wind FC

Retro, plain, meh. When you have the Oklahoma City Thunder already, I’m not a fan of another weather-themed name in the city. Another blue color being the primary color, you can see a pattern of what Prodigal is going for.

OKC Flyers FC

Yet another blue, but this time it’s not the primary color, as maroon makes a bigger splash with this crest. The state bird, a scissor-tailed flycatcher takes center stage, with the head making out the dome at the top of the state capitol building. With the new Skydance bridge in Oklahoma City over I-40, a lot of people have been talking about the flycatcher taking on a bit more meaning in the city. I’m not too sure of using the maroon as a main color, but I’d reserve my judgement until seeing a kit design. This one sits as my second choice right now.

OKC 46ers FC

Another red and blue combo, this one stumped us for a bit. Usually when a team uses a name such as “46ers,” you think of a significant year that something happened in the locale. For the San Francisco 49ers, it was the gold rush. For the Philadelphia 76ers, it was the signing of the Declaration of Independence. For Oklahoma City, we couldn’t find any such thing for any such date without really reaching. Then a lightbulb went off and we think we have it figured out. Oklahoma was the 46th state admitted to the United States. Further evidence to that being the reasoning behind it, the Oklahoma state flag from 1911-1925 featured a single star with the number 46 in the center. Overall, I think the crest looks good, colors work, but once again, not a big fan of the name.

What say you?