About Those Four Linus Omark Goals…

Photo by Steven Christy

Buried in a busy week of call-ups, injury news, and other hockey related tomfoolery was a four goal night by Linus Omark against the San Antonio Rampage. The Oklahoma City Barons would go on to win, 5-4 (Matt Ford scoring the additional one), but it wasn’t before Sir Linus had a wild and woolly four game night. He was due a good night, and a good night was had. The Rampage had no answer for him, and continued to play softball defense allowing him too much time with the puck. They quickly adjusted the next night, and successfully hogtied his offensive awesomeness.

In this particular game it was an early gaff that really spurned Omark to greatness. After a clearing attempt gone awry by Omark, the Rampage’s Bobby Butler scored an easy first goal of the game. The moment did not sit well with Linus, and he buried himself in a fantastic remainder of the game. Well done.

To the goals, in gif form.

You are going to see a trend developing in these gifs, and it involves the Rampage defense giving the Swede way too much room. As the puck moves up the ice no one challenges any of the three players who touch the puck including the trailer, Omark. Too easy.

This is probably the easiest power play goal Omark will ever score. The first goal was had streaking up the left wing, and this one on the right. The kid is gifted on both sides, and that makes him continually deadly. However, with that much room and time, I could have scored a power play goal here with a soup ladle. Nonetheless, goal number two (on the PP) was nice.

I apologize for not showing the take down that led to the free gift of a penalty shot, but it was a pretty garden variety penalty shot creator. When you have already given up two goals to a guy like Linus, you are probably in big trouble when it comes to one-on-one skills comp. The head/shoulder/wrist fake that Omark lays on the camera man is pretty sweet, but it doesn’t appear to have rattled Dov Grumet-Morris. But the shot is still excellent, beating the tender on the lower stick side. The puck barely comes off the ice, but it’s a thick wrister. Love.

A great pass during a really ugly penalty kill by San Antonio allows Omark to stand at the face-off dot, fully wound, and ready to fire. This, the fourth and final goal, was deadly accurate. That is an NHL-like goal if I’ve ever seen one, and this is what the Oilers need to see more often.

In all, it was another memorable night by Omark. Call it a breakout game if you would like, but it is certainly a showpiece for the Swedish goal scorer as he marches towards playing NHL hockey again. Through consistent performances like these, and not necessarily four goal nights, Omark will be heard loudly. Statements are what the Oilers are looking for. This is a statement.

(All gif’s courtesy of AHL Live. Capped by Neal!)