Linus Omark Scores Four Goals, Barons Hang On To Beat San Antonio

There are rules that exist when it comes to discussing Linus Omark in post game recaps. First, explaining how he scores a goal must include words like dazzle and amazing and unbelievable. This is done because his play demands it, and the reader craves it. Second, when he does amazing things, you don’t lump his incredible night into a three hundred word essay where recaps reside, but rather give him his own slice of cherry pie in the form of a separate blog post. This is done because there are very few players in the AHL of the Omarkian caliber, and to not give him his own time would be disrespectful.

Or something like that.

To put it lightly, Omark had a good night in San Antonio. To be honest, it was truly remarkable. To be a fanboy, it was, as Gwen Stefani always says, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Scoring four goals, two on the power play, one at even strength, and another as a penalty shot, he’d help put the Barons on top of the Rampage with a final score of 5-4.

More to come on the amazing night by Omark, but first, let’s crack open the stats page.

It was San Antonio that would score in the opening minutes of the game to kick off a pretty memorable night. Following a rare mistake by Omark, Bobby Butler would make good on the Barons inability to clear the puck, as he’d jive in front of Richard Bachman to put the Rampage up 1-0 early. Then things got interesting.

After a long spell in the Barons defensive zone, Matthew Ford would cling to the puck through the neutral zone down center ice, and effortlessly dish the puck off to Anton Lander, who’d leave it for Linus Omark coming down the left wing. With a ton of real estate between Omark and the defender, Linus would wrist a shot around Rampage goalie, Dov Grumet-Morris. A 1-1 tie was now upon us.

Linus would score his second of the period, this time from the right left side of the goaltender, and on the power play, towards the back half of period one, and the Barons would take a 2-1 lead. Two brutal defensive sequences for the Rampage would gift Omark the early game momentum, and cost them the lead along the way.

On a broken play down the center of the ice, Vincent Trocheck would earn his third goal of the year, and the equalizer in the opening six minutes of the second period. Ten plus minutes of back and forth play tested each goaltender, and an eventual slash by the Rampage gave Oklahoma City a power play. Matt Ford, scoring his second goal as a Baron as well as his second goal in one week, put the Barons back up 3-2.

Linus Omark would score the next two goals of the game with the firs being the result of a penalty shot, and one heckuva a move to beat Grumet-Morris. In the the third period he would get his fourth of the night, and his second on the power play with assists from Larsen and Nesbitt. With Oklahoma City up 5-3, the Rampage rounded out the evening with a full throttle final ten minutes, notching a pair of goals including one on the power play after a stupid Austin Fyten slash. Richard Bachman, and the rest of the Barons defense, buckled down, made stops, created spatial static, and would hang on to defeat the San Antonio Rampage 5-4. It took nearly 40 shots by OKC, and a dandy of an offensive performance by Omark to get it done, but a win is a win.