Prodigal Files For Possible USL Pro Soccer Team Names

Doing a quick search on the US Patent and Trademark Office, I ran across two names that had been filed by Prodigal for “Entertainment services, namely, organizing, providing and conducting professional soccer exhibitions and games.” Those two names are “OKC Energy FC” and “OKC Spirit FC.”

Neither really invoke any feeling from me as far as a team name. In a league such as USL PRO, with team names such as “Barracuda,” “Rhinos,” and “Hammerheads,” both names seem to fall short of the bar already set. Energy doesn’t roll off the tongue when cheering, and anytime I see Spirit, I’m only going to think of cheerleaders chanting “We’ve got spirit, yes we do; We’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?”

But I digress, what say you about the possible team names? Leave a comment or send me a tweet at @ericrsports.

UPDATE: I also found that Prodigal filed for the use of “Tulsa Roughnecks FC” as well. Tulsa has been mentioned before by the NASL group as another possible location for a soccer team. Interesting to see if Tulsa may turn into another battleground between Prodigal and the NASL group.