Oklahoma City Barons Training Camp Day Two

Sylvain Rodrigue with Tyler Bunz. Photo courtesy of Steven Christy. All Rights Reserved.

The Oklahoma City Barons hit the ice this morning for day number two of training camp inside the confines of the Cox Convention Center. Gone were the green, red and powder blue jerseys. Instead they would be replaced by white and navy with each color determining the “team” you would play for in the scrimmage that arrived in the last 45 minutes of Tuesday’s camp.

Sweaters were not the only thing that changed on day two. A few new faces hit the ice, including the additional personnel sent from Edmonton on Sunday.

Likewise, day two brought a tweaked format to camp including 10:00am drills followed by the instrasquad scrimmages at 11:00am. This switch is common in minor league hockey towns where the hurry up of camp becomes imminent with each passing day. The season it only ten days away, after all.

Here is how the teams were broken down in day two.


Team White


Brad Hunt
Joey Leach
David Musil
Martin Marincin
Martin Gernat


Joel Broda
Alex Lavoie
Austin Fyten
C.J. Stretch
Erick Lizon
Preston Shupe
Kale Kerbashian[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Team Navy


Andrew Himelson
Wes Cunningham
Matt Krug
Oscar Klefbom
Brandon Davidson


Nicholas Tremblay
Ryan Barlock
Chase Schaber
Cameron Abney
Kale Kessy
Ryan Martindale
Matthew Ford[/one_half_last]


Giving us a bit more detailed report of today’s session is Patricia Teter. Here is what she took away from today’s events while watching from ice level.

PT: Prior to the team taking the ice at 10:00am the four goaltenders — Roy, Bunz, Rimmer and Madolora — spent time with goaltender consultant Sylvain Rodrigue (see above in photo with Tyler Bunz) working on movement and pivots. At 10:00am the drills began followed by a scrimmage at 11:00am. As always with a new group of players — and this season contains a LOT of new players — it is difficult to identify them quickly, especially when all you have to ID them is a small number on the back of a helmet. Today however, the team was wearing scrimmage blues and whites with numbers — but no, not the same as their helmet numbers. If you head to the rink tomorrow, print out your rosters for ease of identification: Camp Roster and Scrimmage Roster. Highly recommended.

It was fairly impossible to keep track of lines during the scrimmage since there were only about 2 1/2 lines of forwards per team. They were continually double shifting and rotating, filling in where needed. Repeating from yesterday was the Nesbitt-Stretch-Fyten line, and C.J. Stretch continues to impress me. Two defensive pairings caught my eye during scrimmage. The first pairing was Martin Marincin and Martin Gernat, our two Martys — they are like two peas in a pod — tall, thin and very similar. Jim Byers called them “Slovakian doppelgangers” today — which is an accurate term for these two — and boy, oh, boy are they fun to watch. The second pairing is Brandon Davidson and Oscar Klefbom —  I’m very familiar with Davidson from last season and spent far more time watching Klefbom who is a very impressive defenseman. He’s a tall, rangy d-man who does a lot of things very well.

At the end, yesterday’s first star of practice Erick Lizon was replaced with today’s star, Matthew Ford.