AHL Rule Changes Coming – Helmets, No Touch, Jersey Tuck

I’ve said this before, but the best version of the American Hockey League is the one where it’s 50% winning fun and 50% prospect development. This sentiment extends not only to the game taking place in three twenty minute periods, but in the front offices, video control booths, and rule departments. Taking the final 50% of that recipe, and applying it to the rulebook, you can immediately find value in having a league where you can test out violations that might be implemented in the NHL.

In a league-wide memorandum which hasn’t yet been made available to the public, the AHL has elected to enact a few rule changes for the upcoming season. Included in that group is the highly successful no-touch icing rule that was tested during the NHL lockout.

Via Paul Branecky, the Director of Digital Media for the Charlotte Checkers:

In addition to no-touch icing, which should be permanent, is the removal of helmets during a fight. In an attempt to protect a player falling towards the ice, I’m assuming the helmet must stay on before, during, and after a fight for the whistle to not be blown. And keep that jersey untucked or else.

More details forthcoming on this matter as the announcement is made public by the league.