BBG&CS: “We’re not looking for son-in-laws here. We’re looking for guys to win hockey games.” @dallaseakins

| My Number One Prospect Rule. And when this rule is broken, it is my Number One Complaint against teams managing their prospects:

“You can never, never, ever, ever make a mistake by sending a player back to junior. You often make mistakes by keeping people here so young,” — Phoenix Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney, via

| Just Do It, NHL! — Hybrid Icing Testing in Preseason NHL games:

| Five years ago “Lord Bob” made a promise — and it’s far past time to pay up! I suspect Philippe Cornet would love to watch:

“…if Cornet shows up in the NHL I’ll print off this blog post and eat it,” said Benjamin Massey (aka Lord Bob) — via Copper & Blue.

| Interesting Boston Bruins post-season talk in their “Behind the B” series — although yes, the best was no doubt edited out:

“We’ll miss [Tyler Seguin’s] speed,” a Bruins officials said. “In the regular season we’ll miss his speed. But […] if we get guys that we think we can win with, then it is what it is. We’re winning here. We’re not babysitting.” — via

Eakins Get Fit Plan for the Edmonton Media:

In OKC, we’ve already been introduced to Dallas Eakins. He’s impressive — he’s a force — and he has a bit of  temper when he’s tossed from a game! This week it was great fun to see Eakins live up to his early June promise to the Media in Edmonton — “Everybody enjoy those doughnuts because that’s the first change that’s going to go in here!” –Dallas Eakins.

More on Eakins’ Health-Gate from Thomas Drance at

| Best Quote of the Week:

“We’re not looking for son-in-laws here. We’re looking for guys to win hockey games.” –@dallaseakins

| And now for a sign of the coming autumn, and totally anti-Dallas Eakins — I give you Pumpkin Spice M&Ms (only at Target!):

“Beyond taste, the most noticeable difference is the size — these are larger than original M&M’s and have a shape similar to the peanut version, even though the filling is just solid chocolate. So if fatter M&M’s are your thing, these might be for you.” — via

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