BBG&CS: Cheechoo makes history, Cups in MI, VdV to the Phantoms?, Davidson, and TTF’s Sonic Burger Challenge

Sept 6, 2013:  Medveščak 7 — 1 CSKA:

Medveščak’s first goal as a KHL team was scored by Jonathan Cheechoo. He made history and ended up with 2 goals for the team in a 7-1 victory over CSKA. (Photo: Igor Šoban/ MDV PHOTO). Link to video recap of game and Cheechoo’s goal.

| The Stanley Cup and Calder Cup appeared together in Michigan this week:

“The Stanley Cup, which belongs to the Chicago Blackhawks, will be in the possession of Blackhawks equipment assistant Jim Heintzelman, who formerly worked with the Grand Rapids Griffins, and […] the Calder Cup, making one of its many West Michigan appearances following the Griffins’ first AHL championship, will arrive […] with host Brad Thompson, the Griffins’ equipment manager.” — via

| Interesting news from Sweden regarding Chris VandeVelde possibly going to the Flyers – Adirondack organization? 

“Niklas Johansson {with Västerås IK] was also terribly close to soliciting class player  Chris Vande Velde, who at the last minute was offered a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers.  The price soared and Johansson was no longer able to match the offer.” — [translated from Swedish] via VLT Sports

| An inspiring story of Brandon Davidson’s return to hockey:

“It has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things,” [Davidson] said of the experience of beating cancer. “It changed me as a person; it changed my whole outlook on life. You only have so many days,” he said. “It made me think about what I really want in life, and what I really want is to be an NHL player. It motivated me. Made me stronger. A better person. I overcame a lot there, for a while.” — via

| Neal and I completed our Sonic team spirit burger challenge this week:

Neal tested Sonic’s OU team burger and I tested OSU’s team burger. BTW — we are talking Oklahoma University and Oklahoma State University. If you ask me, Neal’s OU burger looks tired and rather stale. Mine — Oklahoma State’s — looks fresh, youthful and ready to go the full distance this season! Go Pokes! Pistols Firing!

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