Richard Bachman Embraces “Oil” For 13-14 Mask

Photo courtesy of David Gunnarsson. All rights reserved.

When you become an Oiler you really have to embrace the Oil. There’s no way around it, the hockey gods demand it. The trend in recent seasons has been for newly signed Oilers goaltenders, regardless of their position in the orngaization, to embrace all things oil in the form of a new tending mask. Richard Bachman, the Oilers likely #3 man and #1 in Oklahoma City, has done just that.

Released today are the mock-ups for Bachman’s mask via lid designer and artist, Dave Gunnarrson. You’ll notice the old fashioned oil derrick is spewing crude, and the three dimensional nature of this fine piece is my favorite part. Here is what Dave said, via Facebook, about the creation of this new mask.

Bachman´s Oilers mask transformed into an oil pump..

This design idea came to me when listened to a country music concert this summer, the idea struck me like a lightning, it´s an awesome feeling Richard Bachman of the Edmonton Oilers and me wanted to do an Oilers mask in a totally new way, and I love to come up with new ideas every day. We wanted to do a mask that felt like Oilers to 100%.

I made some sketches of my idea and the design idea worked. We transformed the whole mask into a hard working oil pump.

The old school oil pump is just like the pumps in the movie “There will be blood” you know, and it´s a very hard working pump because it´s splashing out oil all over. In the background a nice sky with glittering stars, and more hard working oil pumps, is just a few of all the details to tie to whole design into one piece.

I love the challenge to create detailed designs, in a new way, that also looks nice on a distance.

Thank you all for your interest, and thank you Richard for having me as your painter.

You may recall that Olivier Roy has a similar style Oil Spill type facemask. If you’ve forgotten, check out Patricia’s excellent photos and write-up here.

Dave has cranked out some impressive masks for some impressive players, but this one lands in “my favorite” category.