Toni Rajala Bound for Greener Pastures?

This morning incredible — shocking — jaw dropping — news was released from the Oilers via Bob Stauffer:

He then went on to say:

And wrapping up with:

Following the buyout, the Edmonton Oilers will no longer own Rajala’s rights. He is free to play wherever he desires, which from Stauffer’s comments seems like Europe.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more details. In the meantime “shocked” doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings for OKC and Oilers fans. Stunned, speechless and yes, incredibly sad here at Tend the Farm. We were incredibly positive about Rajala and his future — see Neal’s recent article about Ralaja. Now his future will just take an alternate path.

Meanwhile, mull this over:

And now this from Jim Matheson: