Training Camp Dates Revealed; Remember The Name “Burgdoerfer”

(h/t to @OilFieldHockey for the heads up on this news)

The Bakersfield Condors, the new addition to the Edmonton Oilers family at the ECHL level, has long been on the good side of social media. They tweet, like, plus, instagram with the best of them, and a recent video interview with newly hired coach, Troy Mann, reveals more great nuggets of information.

Coach Mann mentions September 22-29 as being the Oklahoma City training camp dates. Mann will attend and work alongside current AHL coaching crew as they wittle down their lineup. This is in-step with what Coach Nelson has mentioned in early summer interviews, and thus we now have an exact date to look forward to.

Another interesting story to watch develop at the ECHL level is with the twin brothers, Erik and and Greg Burgdoerfer. 24 year old New York natives, the brothers will spend the better parts of this upcoming season on the same roster, but at different positions. Erik is the defender, Greg is the forward. Yet the story goes on.

Erik is a four year graduate of R.P.I where he played 30+ games every season, didn’t score points, but instead loaded up on penalty minutes. 08-09, in particular, Erik earned 105 PIM in just 35 games. That’s a pretty wacky number. His time in Bakersfield, which began in 2009, he added a bit more of an offensive upswing to his strong and sturdy defensive game, yet continued to push the penalty minutes upwards. Coach Mann mentions that much wooing was done to keep Erick around in Bakersfield at least for one more season, and the addition of his brother Greg full time might have helped just a bit.

Greg went the way of R.P.I as well following one season of play at the Air Force Academy. His numbers are, honest to goodness, a bit sketchy for a forward. But keep in mind, he hasn’t played a 30+ game season since his days of USHL play in Des Moines.

Erick will be attending Oklahoma City Barons training camp at the end of September, and that probably gave him the most motivation to stick it out with Bakersfield. Not a puck mover, but a solid passer, Greg Brugdoerfer might be a defender worth keeping an eye on. Don’t expect him to hit the Barons roster from day one, but certainly pencil him in for a call-up to OKC when the season begins. Could he slide into that bottom pairing left vacant by Colten Teubert and Alex Plante? I think so. Could he also be a diamond in the rough ala Nathan Deck, Dylan Yeo, Kane Lafranchise, and Andrew Hotham that have proved incredibly valuable to the AHL Barons? Again, I think so.

More to come on camp, invites, and Bakersfield to come.

Full video of Troy Mann interview can be found here.