BBG&CS Dog Days of Summer: Sundogs, Gretzky, Prospects, Trades & Weather Gods

| Stick taps to the Arizona Sundogs who will honor the 19 local fireman who died fighting the Yarnell fire. 

“The Arizona Sundogs will sport a specially designed Hotshot Jersey as a tribute to the 19 firefighters who lost their lives while battling the Yarnell Fire. […] Each Sundogs player will wear the number 19 in honor of the fallen firefighters and immediately following the game each jersey will be auctioned off. All proceeds raised through the auction will be donated to an approved fund for the families. Included in the design of the jersey will be each of the men’s names on the front and on the reverse side will be the Hotshot prayer.” — via Arizona Sundogs

| New Jersey Devils’ new owner?

“Josh Harris, owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, has settled on a price to purchase all or much of the New Jersey Devils according to two officials with knowledge of the transaction.” –  via

| How the Gretzky trade impacted growth of U.S. Hockey:

“Wayne Gretzky coming to Los Angeles in 1988 via the trade that is 25 years old today was an earth-shattering moment in the hockey world. Not only did it have a major impact on how the NHL was viewed and followed in the United States, it was a seminal moment in the hockey participation boom of the early 1990s in America.” — via The United States of Hockey

    • Link to Aquila Productions A Day That Changed The Game: A look back at the trade of Wayne Gretzky August 9, 1988 | VIDEO

| How the Gretzky trade broke and how media has changed over 25 years:

“It seemed crazy to me — trade the game’s best player? But I also knew, as many others did, that Pocklington operated in a small market and had financial problems, at least serious enough that he refused to give his top defenseman Paul Coffey the money he wanted the summer before and eventually traded him to Pittsburgh. I also knew that, for the first time, the Oilers had requested someone other than Gretzky be on the cover of next season’s GOAL Magazine, the league’s game night publication that featured a visiting player on the front. And I had seen him sitting alone, staring at the rafters in Northlands Coliseum. Sure, it was crazy. But it wasn’t impossible.” — via Stu Hackle at Sports Illustrated

| Syracuse Crunch prospects Tanner Richard and Nikita Kucherov learning how to live on their own for the first time. If this reminds you of Pitty and Hamy during their first year in OKC, you are not alone!:

 “We’re both living on our own for the first time and are pretty much useless. For the first three weeks we only made two home cooked meals because we don’t know how to cook. Blujus thankfully showed us a few things during his stay here.” — via

 | Doug Gilmour, GM of OHL Kingston trades his own son Jake: 

 “Huh, that will make for some interesting conversations around the dinner table, don’t you think? Being traded is tough enough already, but having it done by your dad? That’s just rough.” — via

| NHL & NHLPA have agreed to reduce the size of goalie pads: 

“The size of a goaltender’s pads will be directly proportionate to the size of the player. This will prevent a 6’4 goaltender from having the same sized leg pads as a 6’6 goaltender. Specific details were not immediately available at the time of this writing, but the reduction rate was described as being somewhere between 10-15 percent.” — via

| IceArizona is now the official owner of the Phoenix Coyotes:

“We are extremely pleased to have finalized the transaction with the NHL and to take ownership of the Coyotes franchise,” said George Gosbee, Chairman and Governor of the Coyotes.” — via

| Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame inducts Clay Bennett — Tell us how you feel about Bennett being labeled as a “Hero”. For some of us at Tend the Farm, this seems a bit premature. Only time will tell us if Clay Bennett is worthy of being inducted into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

“Oklahomans never had heroes like Bill Russell. Oklahoma heroes were mostly stars of some other city, some other state. Mickey Mantle, Jim Thorpe. Even if they were collegians who had shined here; Barry Sanders, Lee Roy Selmon. But now we have heroes of our own. That’s the great thing about Bennett’s induction Monday night. It represents what’s to come. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and Boomers not yet identified eventually will follow Bennett.” — via

| Oklahoma’s own Gary England. Weather God — “Throw me down, Loretta, it’s Friday night in the Big Town!”

“Early in his career, he was notorious for issuing public tornado warnings before the National Weather Service did — a scandalous violation of hierarchy. He persuaded the owner of Channel 9 to invest in Doppler radar, a technology that promised to improve tornado-warning times to more than 20 minutes, from a single minute, before anyone was even sure it would work. (It did, spectacularly.) [… ] He has become a cult figure: a combination of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Foghorn Leghorn, Atticus Finch, Dan Rather, Zeus and Uncle Jesse from “The Dukes of Hazzard.” — via the New York Times

| NW OKC will add a golf driving range that would include two restaurants and alcohol sales:

“Called Skybox, the development would include a 61,618-square-foot, two-story building on a 24-acre golf driving range that would include leasable space for meetings, banquets and other events.” — via

| Purcell’s Mama Dragons decided it was time to take charge and upgrade the team’s locker rooms and field house:

“Sometimes mothers walk into their sons’ rooms and pick up a piece of clothing, fold it, put it away and adjust something on the dresser on their way out. Sometimes mothers walk in, see the explosion of clothing and video game controller cords, and shut the door behind them as they turn to leave. The Purcell Mama Dragons opened the door to their sons’ football locker room and refused to shut it. The Mama Dragons, a group of moms that feeds the team on game days and surprises each player with a secret fan, couldn’t believe what they saw after last season when they walked into the field house.” — via

| Dallas Eakins finishes a 100 mile bike race in Leadville, Colorado. P.S. Note to Edmonton Oilers — You’d best be ready to play hockey in September …. or else!:

And meanwhile, Andrew Ference is training Edmontonians:

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