Kale Kerbashian, First Camp Invitee Spotted In The Wild

Photo via Flickr. All rights reserved.

The inter-webs are a wonderful thing, and as I prepare to turn 33 I find myself becoming more aware of its stronghold on my life. Post-grad dissertation forthcoming (not really, but okay). Nonetheless, good buddy Oil Field Hockey (on twitter) spotted a tweet from Shawn Green, an agent/founder of Premier Hockey Management.

Following that tweet, again credit to Oil Field Hockey, a quick post on the Allen Americans Blog highlighted the same bit of news. Here is what that site had to say about Kerbashian, and a training camp invite to Oklahoma City.

[bra_blockquote align=’left’]According to his agent Kale Kerbashian has been invited to the AHL training camp of the Oklahoma City Barons. Since his agent has also hinted about Kale signing with the Americans (this is just rumor as nothing has been announced by the team) at long last the Americans will have some kind of relationship with Oklahoma City. Wishful thinking on my part. Will have to wait and see what happens.[/bra_blockquote]

So with training camp headed our way in the nearer-than-yesterday future, Kale Kerbashian seems to be the first of the “unknowns” to make the list.

These early camp invites are interesting at the minor league level, and this isn’t news to fans of the Oklahoma City Barons. Occasionally, players are brought in to camp, released quickly, but not entirely forgotten. If the team gets into a pinch or finds that the player is putting up solid numbers in a lower league, it isn’t all that uncommon for one or two of these guys to pop up on PTO’s at various points in the marathon of a season.

For Kerbashian, the smallish winger who puts up decent offensive numbers, he’s only 23 years old, and although he went undrafted and unnoticed, he’s put up decent offense in small sample sizes (never played more than 40 games as a pro). All those negative +/- seasons are likely a product of a few games played, but are still an eye sore. This doesn’t make him invaluable to someone, and perhaps that someone is the Allen Americans with a side of Oklahoma City Barons for a game or two. I call this the “Erick Lizon Limitation”. The truth remains, he’s an unknown from my perspective, and the Barons need bodies in camp. He’ll do just fine.

More camp notes to come as we get through the 110 degree days of August in Oklahoma City. Stay tuned. Stay hydrated.