BBG&CS Dog Days of Summer: Two Weddings & A Signing, Goalie Gear & Soccer!

| Two Weddings & A Signing:

1. Congratulations to former OKC Barons Alex Plante and Fanny who married in Sweden in early July. — via Twitter. In the midst of his honeymoon in Greece, Alex went to Austria for a short trip to meet with his new team Dornbirner EC. His signing with Dornbirn was announced on July 18th.

“Als ich das Angebot von Dornbirn bekommen habe, begann ich im Internet etwas zu recherchieren. Von der Liga weiß ich nicht viel. Umso aufgeregter bin ich, sie bald kennenzulernen”, so Plante. Seine Verbindungen nach Europa sind vielmehr privater Natur. Seit wenigen Wochen ist der Kanadier mit einer Schwedin verheiratet. Für seinen neuen Auftraggeber unterbrach der Eishockeyprofi kurzfristig seine Flitterwochen und kam für wenige Stunden ins Ländle. “Meine Frau und ich haben in unseren Flitterwochen von der Chance, in Dornbirn spielen zu können, erfahren. Wir sind sehr aufgeregt auf unsere Zukunft in Österreich”, erklärt Plante kurz vor seinem Rückflug nach Griechenland.” — via Sport Report.

2. Another former OKC Barons player’s marriage took place over the summer as well in Sweden — Congratulations to Linus Omark and his wife Linnea. — via Twitter and Twitter.

| The Eakins Get Fit Plan for the Edmonton Oilers:

| U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Unveiled: 

“This is an extraordinary class that each have contributed in a remarkable fashion to the advancement of our sport. It’s a truly remarkable collection of individuals, all so very deserving of earning the pinnacle of accomplishment in hockey in the U.S.” Ron DeGregorio – USA Hockey President — via U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame

| Goalie Gear Change Coming: 

“It appears the National Hockey League isn’t ready to accept a generic 10 per cent reduction in the top of goaltender pads as the only change to equipment for the upcoming season.  As InGoal reported last week, the NHL Players’ Association already approved a change in the maximum sizing chart allotment for each goaltender’s knee to hip measurement from 55 per cent to 45 per cent. With the average NHL goalie measuring around 20 inches, that amounts to a two-inch trim off the top of each pad and, in theory, a four-inch opening of their 5-hole.” — via InGoal Magazine

| Home, Sweet, Hockey Billet Home:

“At age 16, Brennan left his home in Smithtown, N.Y., to play at USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program in Ann Arbor, Mich. But he would soon find that this wasn’t a journey he’d have to make on his own [….] “Those two years were pretty important years in my life,” recalls Brennan, who would go on to a four-year career at Boston College. “Moving away from home at an early age, you don’t know what to expect. You’re still maturing and getting ready to go to college.” — via USA Hockey Magazine

| OKC’s Brewing Soccer Battle:

“Sources said the downtown stadium will have a capacity in the range of 9,000-14,000 seats and be part of a larger complex. The complex will include 10 youth soccer fields and team practice facilities, our sources added. Further, sources indicate that the site the group has in mind will be close to Oklahoma City’s future Downtown Public Park that is part of the 2009 MAPS 3 initiative.” — via EastWord News.

“As it stands, the city’s soccer fans look to be in line for a front row seat at a shootout at the OK corral. The USL PRO and NASL are, essentially, on the same level when it comes to soccer hierarchy in the U.S., meaning the two companies could end up competing for the same fans, media attention and commercial revenue.” — via The Express Star

|RedHawks Baseball — vs. Iowa Cubs 10-6

“Iowa manager Marty Pevey and Cubs hitting coach Brian Harper were ejected in the second inning following a bizarre play.” — via NewsOK

| And in case you did not know — Hockey’s Better than Baseball

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