TTF’s Twitter “Must Follows” for the Busy Off-Season

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Tend the Farm’s Twitter Team


Here at Tend the Farm we love Twitter and we think that you should too. It makes our entire hockey experience much more immediate — much more fun! And, yes, at times, even zany, crazy and silly. Join us! Meet some of the OKC Barons who are on Twitter. Some folks take to Twitter with the ease of a professional, and others … well, others appear seldom, like a nocturnal opossum, hiding, lurking, only coming out in the dark of night.

We begin our first Twitter “Must Follows” Installment with a finely tuned selection of OKC Barons & Oilers team accounts, coaching staff, play-by-play, media and bloggers. The list is broken down into large subsections but listed randomly — in no particular order. If you feel you have been left off this list unjustly, submit your requests in triplicate and we will begin a thorough screening immediately! The next installment will be devoted to Player accounts, and anyone else we’ve sadly and horrifically failed to include on this list.


1 | Bill Scott – OKC Barons GM. And yes, that avatar is his Bobblehead likeness. He tweets very rarely – he’s a busy guy. And if you didn’t already know, he is a Michigan Spartan.

2 | Todd Nelson – Head Coach of the OKC Barons. He tweets occassionally, often with encouraging words for the boys. Seriously, he is worth following for his motorcycle avatar alone!

3 | Jim Byers – OKC Barons Broadcaster/play-by-play guy. We really need to encourage Jim to tweet more often. He’s a treasure trove of sports information!

4 | Oklahoma City Barons – Warning: This is NOT the LA Kings Twitter account, so don’t get too excited. This account provides team Game Day tweets and related news.

5 | OKC Barons Hockey – Team News Account. This account often duplicates tweets with their sister account. See what I mean?

6 | Steven Christy – Official OKC Barons Photographer. During hockey season, Steven tweets links to his latest game day and team activity photographs. Don’t miss them!

7 | Rob Ferguson – Official OKC Barons Photographer and youth hockey coach with a rather fun diabolical sense of humor. Rob’s photograph graced the cover of The Hockey News last season. Any bets which one? If you guessed November 5, 2012, you’d be right! Encourage this man to tweet more often!

7a | Chris Wescott – OKC Barons Reporter & Host. A mix of personal and professional tweets.

8 | Edmonton Oilers – Team Account. The Oilers team account is beginning to loosen up a bit. There’s some playful fun moments between teams that are very clever. (Hmmm… Is that you, Ryan??)

9 | Dallas Eakins – The new Oilers Head Coach. From reading his tweets you can get a very good idea of who Dallas Eakins is as a human being and as a coach. A family man and a fitness fanatic. (Pssst … Pass that along to those poor boys in Edmonton to get off their duffs and begin training!)

10 | Jack Michaels – Oilers Play-by-Play Announcer. Tweets some interesting tidbits now and then — and who is that darling cherub of a hockey player in his avatar?

11 | Ryan Dittrick – Head Writer and Web Content Coordinator for Oilers. OKC Barons fans well remember Ryan working in OKC during our memorable playoff tornado game and shelter experience. Hi Ryan!

12 | Tom Gazzola – Reporter/Host, Oilers TV. Tom was part of our Barons gang during the lockout, and appears from time to time. Hey Tom! (He’s the young chap with the very pretty hair.)

13 | Bob Stauffer – Oilers Radio analyst & Host of Oilers Now on 630 CHED. As an Oilers/Barons fan you can learn a great deal following Stauffer and listening to his radio interviews with Oilers/Barons staff and team. Bob will drops “hints” which leave the rest of the Oilers media madly scrambling to fill in the gaps. Bob seems to greatly enjoy his role as the Oilers’ Oracle.

14 | Aquila Productions – Oil Change Show. If you have NOT watched Oil Change — do so now. You will see your OKC Barons among the many episodes.


15 | Tend the Farm – Yes, that’s US! Well, mostly Neal ….

16 | Neal – Tend the Farm. Oklahoma City pastor, family man, minor league hockey writer, sports enthusiast & Buckeye. OHIO STATE. And don’t you forget it! (How can we convince Neal to keep this mohawk next season?!?)

17 | Patricia Teter – Artful_Puck. Me. I blog here occasionally and over on ArtfulPuck as well. I love hockey. And history, art, nature, wine, literature, travel … with hockey.

18 | Eric Rodgers – AHL Barons. Eric is the young whippersnapper of our group. Eric is a 24 year-old broadcast school graduate, looking to break into sports play-by-play and broadcasting full-time. He is currently a free agent just waiting to be signed! If you like stats — you’ll like Eric. Hire him!

19 | Mike Baldwin – Long time OKC sports reporter who provides Barons coverage for the Oklahoman.


20 | Bruce McCurdy – Cult of Hockey, Edmonton Journal. Bruce tweets about hockey, astronomy and life — a very interesting fellow who can recite hockey history at the drop of a hat! McCurdy, along with Willis and Staples write for the Cult of Hockey which is must reading for any Oilers/Barons followers.

21 | Jonathan Willis – Cult of Hockey, Edmonton Journal; Hockey Prospectus; Nation Network. (See above,)

22 | David Staples – Hockey writer/blogger, Cult of Hockey, Edmonton Journal. (See above under McCurdy.)

23 | Joanne Ireland – Hockey writer, Edmonton Journal.

24 | Jim Matheson – Hockey writer, Edmonton Journal. Jim likes Grit with a Big G, little r i t.

25 | Terry Jones – Hockey writer, Edmonton Sun. During the lockout Terry visited OKC and we learned that he really likes the steaks at Cattleman’s Cafe, but did you know he once ate one of his columns? At center ice, with sauerkraut, sour cream and bitter lemon?

26 | Jason Gregor – Host of Jason Gregor Show, Writer on Oilers Nation and columnist for Edmonton Journal.

27 | Lowetide — Oh those Oilers. Family man, blogger, radio personality and bon vivant around Edmonton. Lowetide has his finger on the pulse of the Oilers — when there is a pulse at least.

28 | Lowdown with Lowetide – Radio Show. See above, same fellow on Edmonton Sports Radio. If by chance you have never listened to Lowdown with Lowetide, skedaddle over to your radio (or computer!) and sit a spell. Enjoy!

29 | Martin Lundén – Our Man in Sweden. An Oiler Abroad. Yes, he’s our favorite Swedish gent who writes about the Oilers and Barons at Swedish Oil.

30 | Lisa McRitchie – Oilers Columnist for Kukla’s Korner at Oil Patch. Excellent coverage of Oilers prospect news and interviews.

31 | Derek Zona – Managing Editor, Copper & Blue (See below).

32 | Copper & Blue – In-depth Edmonton Oilers site managed by Derek Zona, with articles by Zona, Scott Reynolds, Ryan Batty, Alan Hull, Dawgbone98, etc.