Oilers Qualify Six (No Cornet, Plante or Teubert)

AHL Hockey: Apr 02 Barons vs Bulldogs
Antti Gets A QO? Photo by Steven Christy.

Simply put, it’s that time of year. Where contracts are signed, offers are extended, and ties are cut. Yesterday the Edmonton Oilers announced the six qualifying offers that were extended to RFA players. That list didn’t include defenders Alex Plante and Colten Teubert, nor coming-on-strong-late-in-contract winger, Philippe Cornet.

Here’s the full list via the Oilers website:

General Manager Craig MacTavish announced today the Edmonton Oilers have issued qualifying offers to the following players:

Taylor Fedun, Teemu Hartikainen, Niko Hovinen, Antti Tyrvainen, Sam Gagner, Magnus Paajarvi

I’d say that they extended QO’s to the right folks, especially Taylor Fedun and Magnus Paajarvi, two guys with extensive OKC Barons playing time. Keep in mind, Hartikainen, Hovinen, and Tyrvainen were extended qualifying offers, but none will play in North America in the upcoming season as they’ve signed to play elsewhere. This does, however, keep their rights within the Oilers organization, and I suppose that is good for those folks. Tyrvainen is the interesting wrinkle on this list, and I suppose you could have left him off, but that feels like a non-issue at this point.

With no trades on draft day, Paajarvi and Fedun will continue their stroll through Edmonton Oiler country, and that’s good. Fedun, in particular, had an incredible postseason run with OKC that highlighted his gifts a bit more than it had in the months leading up to the Calder Cup playoffs. I’m glad to see him hit this list. He’s a keeper.

The obvious omissions are Colten Teubert and Alex Plante (Theo Peckham as well), both of whom had their minutes on the ice decrease as the season wore on. Plante, who suffered a broken jaw in the first round of the playoffs, never made it back into the lineup. Colten Teubert had one more stab at the starting D core, fumbled, and was benched the remainder of the postseason. The nail in the coffin came earlier than yesterday for these two.

Philippe Cornet, what can I say about this kid? In his first year he was terrible, he roared back to life in his second, and hit the top line in his third (after playing ECHL minutes because of the NHL lockout). He’s turned into a fine player. Might he go the way of the Taylor Chorney and see ice time within another organization along with an increased role? I’d say, yes. Even if the remainder of his career is in the AHL, he’ll be a good, quality, likely-high paid minor league player. That’s good for him. He’s also a sharp kid. Understands who he is and who he isn’t. That’ll carry him far in life.

Hate seeing these three or four players go, but grateful for their time in Oklahoma City and Edmonton. Carry on fellas.