The Oilers Draft Review (Houck & Platzer, New NBC Comedy?)

The Oilers did some interesting things at this year’s draft. I say that because I really have no other explanation for what was done other than the team wanted to collect pics like Garbage Pail Kids, and likely not share with anyone else via a bundled-prospect-plus-more giant deal. Craig MacTavish, now steering the Oilers ship, had made subtle, but grand remarks about taking calculated risks to get better, and not just better, but more skilled. The draft of 2013 will likely not be a shiny example of getting better, and certainly not becoming more skilled. While other teams made some important moves, it was a pretty lukewarm day for Edmonton as they added two additional player snatches to a draft card that was already holding eight. The two additional didn’t make the team better, and they certainly raised some eyebrows.

Here is the final draft board for the Oilers. Some thoughts, discouraging comments, and OKC bias to follow:


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