OKC Barons Early “Guaranteed” Home Dates Released

The American Hockey League is a fine hockey league. They also are a great tease. As they do every year at the close of a season, the league has issued guaranteed home dates for each squad in the upcoming calendar year. Below are the Oklahoma City Barons home dates:

October 4th, October 5th, November 12th, November 15th, November 16th, December 20th, December 21st. Also keep in mind that the season not-so-technically kicks off with the Edmonton Oilers vs. Dallas Stars exhibition game on September 27th. 

With 38 home games eventually filling the entire schedule, giving us six or seven has always been a bit weird. Perhaps they work well for marketing purposes within the office doors of each organization. However, I never know what to do with this information. Likely neither do the masses. But here they are, circle those dates, and make plans to attend a Barons game.