Tanner House Injury, Triston Grant Not Suspended, Martindale In

Barons Griffins Conference
Pepperoni or Canadian Bacon? Photo by Rob Ferguson.

Game four is tonight between the Oklahoma City Barons and the Grand Rapids Griffins. Things got heated in the second and third periods of game three, and with it came great conversation on suspensions and severity of injury. Former Baron, Triston Grant, boarded Tanner House hard resulting in a momentary black out on the ice, and an appearance of the stretch. All reports point to him being okay at this time, suffering from a concussion.

Video evidence was made available to the league via Todd Nelson and the Barons. They’ve reviewed the video, and the AHL has chosen not to suspend Triston Grant for the hit.

Those that have glanced at the video have said that the bulk of the injury occurred when House fell backwards to the ice after hitting Grant squarely with his head down. Grateful the injury wasn’t any worse.

In his place comes Ryan Martindale, who’s not seen any postseason play in 2013. This is an interesting move, but entirely necessary. House had been a fabulous addition to the Barons penalty kill in the last two series, and his worth is hard to discount. It’s going to be hard to see Martindale having the same success in the fourth line role. He’s capable, but he could be shaky. Remember, Martindale is a dandy of a face-off winner. That might be a huge asset if things get tight down the stretch.

Hoping for a speedy recovery from Tanner House, and praying that things don’t continue to head south in this series. These teams are too entertaining without the rough shenanigans. Keep it clean, please.