Oklahoma City Has Arrived! (Someone Tried To Steal Our Zamboni)

AHL Hockey: Mar 08 Barons vs IceHogs
NOTE: This is the only safe way to ride a Zam (and that’s definitely up for debate). Photo courtesy of Steven Christy.

You know you’ve arrived as a hockey town when someone has a little too much to drink, finds their way into your arena, gets to ice level, and attempts to steal one of your Zambonis  Now this might be a familiar story in mid-January somewhere just south of Churchill, Manitoba, but this version of the tale takes place right here in Oklahoma City. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more proud of my city than I am right now. Someone tried to steal our Zamboni!

Every major news outlet in Oklahoma City broke the story this morning, and ironically has given more intentional press to this moment than any single Barons games, but I’ll take it (and likely so will you)

Here’s the breakdown:

via News 9

A man was arrested Saturday night after police say he tried to steal a Zamboni.

According to Oklahoma City police, 24-year-old Spencer Holt attempted to steal the Zamboni from the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City.

Security guards were able to take Spencer into custody. Police say he never got the Zamboni out of the building.

Holt was arrested on several charges, including destruction of private property and public drunkenness.

KOCO adds

The maintenance crew said a man hopped on the Zamboni and drove through some locked gates onto the ice.

This afternoon, KFOR ran a story on the same topic and confirmed the KOCO “locked gate damage”, but they added that a piece of the actual ice re-surfacer was also damaged  Don’t worry, they won’t be playing water polo on Monday the 13th (or WILL they?!?!) Regardless, there is one constant in these stories and that’s simply drunk-man-steals-Zamboni, a headline that will never be too grand or too hilarious for words.

The Oklahoma City Barons commented on the original News 9 story and put the whole ordeal in perspective by saying, “That would have been bad since we are headed to the second round of the Calder Cup playoffs after beating Charlotte again last night!” The comments throughout that news post are worth a gander (and a giggle).

(Tend The Farm does not condone public misbehavior, destruction of property, or the unlawful use of a Zamboni  We do however approve of writing, tweeting, facebooking, instagramming, and pinning our way to valiantly sharing such an amazing story).

Oklahoma City… hockey town? We just took the next step, ya’ll. If someone throws a catfish on the ice at the next home game I’ll weep for joy.