AHL Awards Schedule Released, Schultz/Arcobello Possibilities

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Award season is here! Roll out the red carpet.

It’s a weird season for the AHL awards voters because they are dealing with basically three parts of a bizarre symphony. The first triumphant intro is a beautiful NHL-filled league where the heart strings are tugged by dazzling displays of perfect hockey. The second being the interlude to the final act that was wanky, unsettled, and featured teams grabbing for solid footing. The third was the final surge of strings, woodwinds, skins, etc. etc. where the league looked more like “the league”, and the world was right again.

Deal with that situation when you vote for the end of the season awards. Godspeed, and good luck.

Today the league released the schedule of when these awards will come out. Here’s the full detailed list for your acknowledgement.

Wed., Apr. 10 — 2012-13 AHL All-Rookie Team

Thurs., Apr. 11 — 2012-13 AHL First and Second All-Star Teams

Fri., Apr. 12 — Dudley (Red) Garrett Memorial Award (outstanding rookie)

Mon., Apr. 15 — Fred T. Hunt Memorial Award (sportsmanship, determination, dedication)

Tue., Apr. 16 — Louis A.R. Pieri Award (outstanding coach)

Wed., Apr. 17 — Eddie Shore Award (outstanding defenseman)

Thu., Apr. 18 — Aldege “Baz” Bastien Award (outstanding goaltender)

Thu., Apr. 18 — Yanick Dupré Memorial Award (AHL Man of the Year)

Fri., Apr. 19 — Les Cunningham Award (most valuable player)

In addition, the winners of the John B. Sollenberger Trophy (leading scorer), the Willie Marshall Award (leading goal-scorer) and the Harry “Hap” Holmes Memorial Award (outstanding team goaltending) will be announced following the conclusion of the 2012-13 regular season on Sun., Apr. 21.

The AHL will also be awarding the following team trophies for the regular season:

Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy — Overall points champion (TBD)

Emile Francis Trophy — Atlantic Division champion (TBD)

F.G. (Teddy) Oke Trophy — Northeast Division champion (Springfield Falcons)

Frank S. Mathers Trophy — East Division champion (TBD)

Sam Pollock Trophy — North Division champion (TBD)

Norman R. (Bud) Poile Trophy — Midwest Division champion (TBD)

John D. Chick Trophy — South Division champion (TBD)

A couple of things worth noting. Jordan Eberle has trickled down to about 20th in league scoring so he probably falls off any All-Star-like award. But Justin Schultz remains the league leading point snatcher both for defensemen and rookies. So he’s a candidate for both rookie and All-Star teams as well as the rookie of the year award. Amazing. As a matter of fact, I’d suspect that both he and Mark Arcobello the All-Star list. Hard to ignore their accomplishments.

Justin Schultz – 18 goals, 38 assists, 34 games
Mark Arcobello – 20 goals, 41 assists, 67 games

MVP voting typically favors AHL-guys because of their presence for a seasons duration. Maybe a vet like Jeff Taffe, who’s 64 points in 67 games is stellar (and the best pace in the league).

Any way you slice it, these lists will be interesting and no doubt littered with players who likely played seasons in two separate leagues. I’m anxious.