Scouted By Duane Sutter, Kendall McFaull Signs PTO With OKC

Kendall McFaull5710
Photo courtesy of WHL

Various sites with reliable information have reported that Kendal McFaull, of the Moose Jaw Warriors, has signed a PTO with the Oklahoma City Barons that extends through the remainder of the season. And apparently it’s been a contract in the making for some time now. Scouted by the Edmonton Oilers, and more specifically Duane Sutter, Kendal opened up to writer Marc Smith. Here are the highlights (read the full interview):

Warriors’ captain Kendall McFaull signed a professional try-out contract with the AHL’s Oklahoma City Barons on Thursday and will report to the team after the Warriors season ends this weekend.

“It’s a standard player contract for the remainder of this season, so I have a month, or two months, to prove myself and then after that, I’m back to being a free agent and have to earn myself another contract,” stated McFaull.

The deal had apparently been in the works for a couple of months with the Edmonton Oilers scouting the overage defenceman throughout this season.

“Duane Sutter, who scouts for the Oilers, had been watching me a bit and I had a meeting with him about a month and a half ago,” McFaull explained. “He said that he liked the way I played and I had made his sort list, but it was out of his hands and up to the Oilers’ brass to make a decision.”

He goes on to discuss the duration with which he waited, and how the Oilers communicated directly to the former Atlanta Thrasher draft pick:

The NHL team liked what they saw and gave McFaull a call to come finish off the season with the Barons. “I hadn’t heard anything for a while, so I wasn’t sure if the opportunity was still there, I was hoping, but also getting geared up to go to school and then my agent said there was an opportunity to go play in OKC and I jumped all over it,” said the Rosetown native.

“It was a long time coming, I would have liked to have had something done a bit sooner, but better late than never,” said McFaull, who was orig

What’s interesting is the left-field nature of a guy like McFaull, who clearly has a bit of leadership tendency that most NHL clubs are looking for. He mentions briefly in the interview that he credits most of his success to playing alongside Morgan Rielly, a defensive prospect that perks many ears. But more than anything, it’s interesting to get a bit of an insider tip on how the Oilers scout, how they communicate, and how they scrounge together useful prospects. He’s a four year WHL guy coming off his best season in that league – 5-15-20. This is an interesting catch, and I’m anxious to see how he pans out. We’ll likely know soon enough.