Brett Clark “Doin’ PK Work” & Banana Peels


This is a great gif. Veteran Barons D man, Brett Clark, is doing his hardest to keep his team from handing the game over to the Rampage. Prior to this moment, Arcobello & Teubert get direct flights to the penalty box with the Barons owning a two goal lead. It felt like one that OKC was going to whinnie cooper away.

Then Clark goes all burly, cross checks Jed Ortmeyer in front of Olivier Roy. Then Brett jockeys for position, and Jed slips on a random banana peel. We’ve all been there. How embarrassing.

What you don’t see is that after Clark is whistled for interference, he skates over to the ref, tells him that he must see “Silver Linings Playbook”, and earns an unsportsmanlike penalty for loving Jennifer Lawrence just a but too much.

Brett Clark. Legit penalty killer. Fin.