OKC Blaze trounce the OKC Barons — But it’s all good!


Photo courtesy of Steven Christy - Copyright 2013.
Photo courtesy of Steven Christy – Copyright 2013.

For two years I have attended the GODSA fundraiser wheelchair basketball game between the OKC Barons and the OKC Blaze and if you have never attended, I highly recommend it. It’s great fun – lots of laughs and you will be very impressed with the athletes of all ages. The game is part of a fundraiser by the Greater Oklahoma Disabled Sports Association (GODSA) to assist with purchasing sports equipment for their athletes and help with travel expenses to national competitions. Attendees can also participate in a silent auction for a number of items, usually including some Barons items as well.

Last night Barons players Kristians Pelss, Erick Lizon, Ryan Martindale, Martin Marincin, Darcy Hordichuk, Taylor Fedun and Andrew Hotham faced the OKC Blaze team – a very good team ranging from about 5 years old on up. It is fun experience to watch! These professional athletes – who are in prime condition don’t have a chance! And to watch a 5-year old get the best of one of the Barons hockey players is the best thing ever!

From the beginning it became clear that the Baron’s primary weapon was Andrew Hotham who must have played a bit of basketball in his time since he was the leading scorer for the team with 10 points, and Fedun followed with 4 points. Martin Marincin was the surprise last night since he picked up the maneuvers very quickly and impressively, and easily became the team’s best defensive player. Erick Lizon had the play of the night when he tossed his hat at the ball, grabbed the rebound and then bounced the ball off of Martin Marincin’s head soccer style. Well done, Erick! Marty seemed a bit surprised by the move, but he’s used to a bit of soccer style hockey at practice.

All of the guys had a great time being outmaneuvered by the Blaze team, sharing a lot of laughs and even a few spills on the court. In the end the Blaze triumphed over the Barons 37 to 24. Not a surprise at all!