Theo Peckham Reportedly Leaving OKC, Heading To Edmonton

AHL Hockey: Feb 08 Barons vs Griffins
Photo courtesy of Steven Christy.

Huge thanks to Barons Diehards (and Bob in particular) for keeping their eyes peeled for signs of movement to and from Edmonton. Today, a Barons fan spotted Theo Peckham, bags in tow, at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. It appears that Theo’s conditioning stint has come and gone and he’s heading to the Great Way North.

Peckham’s time in Oklahoma City was interesting, to say the least. For every one thing he did right, he seemingly did another at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. He’d make a great heads-up defensive play across his own blue-line, and then 30 seconds later, he’d make a pass to the feet of a forward, thus turning the puck over. Or he’d make a conscious effort to move his feet well, and then destroy a player on the boards with a mostly legal, but stupid hit putting his team back on the kill. However, the good news for Peckham is that he indeed seems fully healthy. No sign of any nagging injury or continued issues to be concerned about.

He was nothing but cordial with the fans, and his time here in OKC was entertaining (and maybe a little hammy)

Here’s hoping the best for Theo.