Craig MacTavish In Texas Doing Some Barons Watching

Spotted today inside the Cedar Park Center, home of the Texas Stars, was Oilers Vice President of Hockey Operations, Craig MacTavish. When he’s around, you pay attention. To make things more curious, he, alongside Barons GM Bill Scott and head coach Todd Nelson, watched practice from the comfy Cedar Park seats. Following a discussion between the three men, Scott was seen on the phone for a very long time.

First, it’s rare that those three sit together to watch a practice, on the road, in the minors. When the suits are around, you typically get newsworthy things coming down the pipe very soon.

Second, speculation on this matter, at this point, is just silly chatter, but there are some interesting tidbits occurring this weekend with the Oklahoma City Barons.

Niko Hovinen started on back-to-back nights. The going thought was that he, and usual #1 Yann Danis, would split the weekend. They didn’t, and Hovinen was good on Friday, kinda wanky on Saturday.

Another guy who’s sat out quite a bit lately (four straight games) is Alex Plante. For some time now, fans have been suggesting that he’s being bundled in a deal that has NHL implications. Nothing concrete to make this actual fact, just a piece of casual wonderment.

Could something be in the works? Does Bob Stauffer’s careful mention of the St. Louis Blues having eyeballs at Rexall tonight suggest there’s a connection between the two? Yes to the first question. Perhaps to the second.