Drug Testing In The AHL Forthcoming

We live in a world where attaining a competitive edge is often times synonymous with performance enhancing drugs. Taking this additive or that supplement immediately raises a red flag of suspicion and seemingly demands a public jury pointing a finger of blame in the direction of athletes whom we cherished only moments earlier. As time marches on, so does the complexity of drugs that “beat the system” so to speak. Unfortunately, this does real damage to competition and ultimately to the individual. Neither of which is tolerable.

The most recent NHL CBA enacted many things including drug testing of its players. This, according to AHL President David Andrews, will be paralleled in the AHL.

As archaic as it sounds, drug testing in North American pro hockey isn’t fully fledged out. At least not on a uniform, grand scale. That’s to change, as it should. The new NHL CBA calls for testing once during training camp, once during the regular season, and random tests throughout.

For American League teams this has a pretty serious monetary impact as well. Who pays for the test? Can we afford multiple tests in consecutive months? All are questions in need of serious answers. For now the answer is, “we are working on it”.

Via Citizens Voice (from Andrews AHL state of the league)

“Our players association and ourselves have been in agreement that we would like to see it happen, but we weren’t in a position to do it without the NHL’s support because we wanted to dovetail into their program,” Andrews said. “I have no idea how we’re getting there, but I know the NHLPA and the NHL have agreed to bring performance-enhancing drug testing into our league.”