‘Oil Change’ Debuts Tonight In Canada, US This Weekend

Oil Change Guys
Ch-ch-ch-changes! ‘Oil Change’ airs in the US this weekend.

Oil Change, the well-shot, well-oiled, and overly sensational tele-doc that is now in Season 3, airs tonight north of the border on SportsNet. Chronicling the life of the Edmonton Oiler as “change” occurs over the last two seasons has been fun to watch. However, there remains a bit of irony in naming a show “Oil Change” when very little has changed (in terms of the team improving). For the production company behind it (and the fans whom watch it), they are banking on this year to be different.

For those of us in the US, and primarily in Oklahoma City, the five one-hour segments of the show will heavily feature the time spent by NHL guys in the AHL. And thus you’ll see lots of Barons face-time. In the short promo, seen here, we get the “boys” biking through the Deep Deuce area of Bricktown, eating a local establishments, and Jim Byers vocal chords. While the rest of the OKC media often ignored the team, the Canadian film crew watched every move. And it will be interesting to get a behind-the-scenes perspective of how Prodigal/Barons handled the newcomers. Tune in.

Those in the US can catch Episode one of season thirteen beginning this weekend on the NHL Network. Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, February 2, 04:30 pm on NHL Network USA

Sunday, February 3, 12:30 pm on NHL Network USA

Wednesday, February 6, 08:00 pm on NHL Network USA

Sunday, February 10, 12:30 pm on NHL Network USA

All times eastern