Barons Get Slammed By Admirals, 8-2

When a team loses 8-2 and your backup goaltender lets in two more goals than the starter, you know you’ve got some problems. The 8-2 spanking given to the Oklahoma City Barons by the Milwaukee Admirals was the perfect example of where the AHL is at these days. While most teams have begun to balance out their lineups, the Barons are grasping for any type of solid footing.

Olivier Roy got the start, gave up three goals in 31:00 of play, then Bunz came in to recover and gave up another five in 28:00. It was a bad night for prospect goaltenders unless your name is Jeremy Smith playing at the other end of the ice.

The Barons dropped 46 shots on the Admirals, and only had two goals to show for it. By comparison, the Ads only took 29. Remember the score?

Oklahoma City often doubles their opponents shots and seemingly continues to lose by two goals plus. That means this team isn’t getting high scoring chances, but rather long distance drop-ins that yield very few goals. That’s a problem. It may also point to some systematic issues within how the Barons play, but that’s likely for another post.

Toni Rajala had a goal and an assist on the night, Taylor Fedun had two assists, and Ryan Martindale had the other goal (now on a four game point streak). But even those who were able to score or produce offense were responsible for some really ugly defensive jockeying within the forward core. As a matter of fact, virtually every player on the team can shoulder the blame in this one. And that’s a tough situation to digest.

Jeremy Smith is a great goaltender, there’s no denying that, but this OKC team feels a bit messy. So messy in fact, that I’m not sure re-organizing will give you much of a different outcome. Nonetheless, the team soldiers on to their final game prior to AHL All-Star break. They’ll face the Rockford Ice Hogs this evening.