Workin’ For The Weekend: Midwesterly Ads & Hogs “Rebel Yell”

More! More! More!
More! More! More!

Rebel Yell from the album of the same name, remains an excessive example of perhaps the less than hard-rocking ways of rock music in the 80’s. Billy Idol claims that the song was inspired by a bottle of whiskey as opposed to the Civil War cry of the Confederate soldier, and former is probably a better reason. I don’t see Mr. Idol as much of a history buff. Although he ironically mentions slavery once in the song, but again, I’m not seeing a British punk rocker cracking a book, and writing about US history.

Nonetheless, knowing what we know about the origins of the song, it makes more sense that this is about a beverage and perhaps less about an icky late night relationship. But the gruff vocals, sing-alongy chorus, and Idol’s back ground – this is an 80’s rocker/romper that I enjoy greatly.

In 1983, the song wasn’t hugely successful, but it was the allure of Idol that eventually sold this as a “classic” track. I’ll not stake a claim that this track is deserving of “one of the best ever”, but as far as 80’s rock music goes, it’ll do just fine.

Hands down, the best part of this song, is where he yells “More, More, More”. See, you sang it as you read it. And I’ll let forth a Rebel Yell of sorts for the Oklahoma City Barons, and claim “MORE, MORE, MORE”!

In a losing effort on Wednesday, the Oklahoma City Barons looked really good. Still, there remained some defensive issues that caused early goals, but the team battled back. Roy was good. Secondary scoring came up big. Marincin moved the puck very well, and the two newcomers got their feet wet early, and will be huge assets moving forward. Again, I’ll cry “More, More, More”!

The Barons play a two-set in the Midwest Division this weekend. First they’ll face off against the struggling Milwaukee Admirals whom the Barons have beat three times this season already. Second they’ll head to Rockford to face the Ice Hogs in what’s their first of four meetings against the frozen pigs. Both of these teams have struggled this season. Despite worse records than OKC, both teams are still within one or two wins from second place in the Midwest. Outside of the dominate Grand Rapids Griffins (whom the Barons just lost to in overtime), the remaining four teams in that division are separated by no more than three points. The dogfight hath begun.

Typically Midwest Division games are high energy. But like OKC, both of these teams have struggled to score in a post-lockout AHL as well as defend their net with much consistency.

The Admirals are 2-5-1-2 in their last ten, but haven’t won a game in their last five attempts. They are due a victory sooner or later. Likewise, the Ice Hogs are 4-6-0-0 and are riding a two game losing streak. Thus we see two more teams similarly effected by the NHL’s return.

The keys for Oklahoma City, in both endeavors, will be to stay out of the box. Rockfrod, in particular, likes a good rough and tumble game. Milwaukee favors the grind as well. A smart and well executed game plan sees the Barons really driving the puck to the net, and perhaps an early persnickety forecheck.

The return of Antti Tyrvainen and the emergence of Kristians Pelss and Toni Rajala has further cemented Oklahoma City into the “we’ll be okay” category at least for the near future. Brett Clark and Jonathan Cheechoo, although not entirely fantastic in their debuts, will continue to give some sturdy legs to an otherwise group of young ‘uns.

I keep pestering you on this blog about Tyler Bunz. Will he play or won’t he? I’ve been saying he will, but Olivier Roy seems to be finding his way just a bit. And with Yann still in Edmonton, he’ll have to be really good. So maybe the goaltenders go one-two over the weekend, but I’ve been wrong about that lately so I’ll stick with Roy.

Alex Plante, still suffering from an upper body situation, isn’t scheduled to be in the lineup. Likewise, news came down late last night that Tyler Pitlick was done for the season following an MRI that brought forth some torn ligaments. Tough break for the young prospect. (Defenseman, Dan Ringwald also out for entire season; for those that missed the news months ago).

And so the Barons will look to maintain Admirals scorers like Taylor Beck and rookie Austin Watson. And for Rockford, it’s veteran Martin St. Pierre as well as the really strong netminder in Jeremy Smith. Both games are winnable by the Barons, but both games could easily get out of hand if the worst-in-the-league penalty kill of OKC has too much on their hands.

Go Barons!