Oklahoma City Barons Doing Good By Good Doing

AHL Hockey: Oct 30 Barons Habitat for Humanity
Barons at work. Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography.

It’s easy to get lost in the X’s and O’s of professional sports. I, like so many others, find value in the critique of organizations that are entertainment based mainly because the medium demands this occur. But all too often, we ignore the simple, really good things that happen to or with our sports franchises that transcend buying a ticket, donning a jersey, heading to the game, and punching your ticket.

Near and dear to the hearts of the Oklahoma City Barons, as well as the teams owner Bob Funk Jr., are a handful of community projects that point to a greater good. This week, the team will finalize a project that began in October. In accordance with Habitat For Humanity, the Barons have been diligently working and supporting the endeavors of a house build in the Oklahoma City area.

“Working on homes with Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity has been a rewarding experience for our staff and players,” said Prodigal LLC owner Bob Funk Jr.  “Working with the home owners during the process is particularly gratifying.  Seeing the reaction of the family as the home was progressing was rewarding.  We can’t wait to see their reaction when they receive the keys.”

On hand for the ceremony will be head coach Todd Nelson, GM Bill Scott, captain Josh Green, as well as Dane Byers, Chris VandeVelde, and Alex Plante. Thursday, the lives of a family in central Oklahoma will dramatically improve.

I applaud such an event, as well as the continued support of community goodness. Let’s not let this one go unnoticed.