Cam Abney Returned To Cali

The Barons/Oilers announced today that Cameron Abney has been returned to Stockton. Excuse me, re-assigned. This is the second transaction to Cali in a few days for OKC, with Dan Ringwald heading West yesterday. There’s not much need to read in between the lines here, Stockton is where Abney belongs, at least in an NHL lockout world.

The deets on Abney haven’t changed over the last couple of weeks. He’s a heavy presence in the lineup, who lives and breathes angst — and that’s about it. It’s not wrong, nor is it right, but it’s not needed in Oklahoma City right now.

The tough going ways of the first handful of games, where the “NHL guys” took in some rough stuff, has seemingly dissipated for now. And in the meantime, Colten Tebuert seems to be the protector of choice (or merely by accident).

We’ll see Abney again at some point this season, but maybe after we see Cornet, Pelss, or Rajala – all having serious success in Stockton.