Jordan Henry Tweets He’s Headed To The Barons

Social media is wonderful. And it’s wonderfully wacky when a player tweets important team news before said team can even log in to their wordpress account. Today on Twitter, Jordan Henry, a veteran defender of several leagues including the AHL (and Abbotsford most recently; more to come on that), wielded a tweet or rather an announcement this afternoon with pretty important implications:


Interesting indeed. And lest we forget, this is the same Jordan Henry that slashed Antti Tyrvainen less than a year ago, and rued the day when Tyrvainen did this (Thanks Patricia!):

At 26 years old, Henry joins the Barons as another AHL vet. He split time between Abbotsford and Chicago last season, and landed in Stockton for two games this season after signing a contract only four days ago. He’ll face his former team this weekend in Abbotsford. That’s the most tingly portion of this twitter announcement. Because ultimately, this doesn’t make the team better, but it doesn’t make them worse. But sometimes a shakeup in the back end can rile up the rest of the bunch. And sometimes it works in reverse.

How would I guage this semi-official-announcement? Intimidation. The Heat are red hot scorers seemingly at will, and a little Henry lazer eye defending the other end might slightly alter a forwards thought process. No injuries to defenders has warranted this callup/contract/announcement, but we’ll know more tomorrow when the team skates way north. ‘Till then #suitcase, my brothers.