Oilers Prospect, Brandon Davidson, To Undergo Cancer Treatment

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy. All rights reserved.

Life is way more important than anything else. Not just how we live it, but how we tackle the odds against us. And human life always transcends entertainment, even in 2012 where the lines are blurred between the two. Today, it’s a moment of real life for Oilers prospect Brandon Davidson, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The official Barons release:

Oklahoma City Barons rookie defenseman Brandon Davidson has been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Davidson will undergo immediate treatment at The Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center on the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center campus in downtown Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City Barons and Edmonton Oilers ask that Davidson’s privacy be respected at this time. The club will provide updates regarding his health as they become available.

This comes during a season where Davidson, the Barons, and the Oilers are on the radar of every hockey fan from Oklahoma City to Edmonton. And suddenly that all seems a little less important.

On the first day of Movember, where men grow mustache’s in hopes of bringing awareness to men’s health issues, Davidson begins the process of fighting testicular cancer. This form of cancer, although easily treated, typically strikes men in their early 20’s and 30’s. Often going under the radar, a monthly personal exam can lead to quick treatment and speedy recover. And we are fully expecting that from Brandon.

In the meantime, head to OKCBarons.com to read the updates, and donate to their Movember campaign. Also check out mobro.co/neallivingston for donation options, health checklists, and info about all things men’s health.

In the meantime, watch Davidson. Not on the ice, but in real life. He’ll overcome. He’ll demonstrate the value of healthy living. And he’ll get back to playing a game he desperately loves.