Josh Green Elected Oklahoma City Barons Captain

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography. All rights reserved.

Today, it was announced through various sources on twitter and via Barons Coach, Todd Nelson’s interview on Oilers Now, that Josh Green would be named the captain of this year’s OKC AHL team. Voted on by his peers, Josh becomes the third Baron player to wear the “C”, and give a bit of a grown up mentality to a group that needs maturity.

Also mentioned were the alternate captains. Jordan Eberle, Chris Vande Velde, Alex Plante, and Dane Byers will serve as alterna-captains this season.

There really is no news here. This is a group of players that is highly motivated to win. Plain and simple, they winners more than whiners. I suppose there are teams that need a captain to call down infractions of group connectedness, and that’s something they desperately need. And although I consider myself an old school hockey minded type of guy, I think the captaincy of any sports team is kinda silly. Somewhat trivial. Often unimportant. Always forgetful.

But I’ll take this in a direction worth steering. Josh Green was voted on by his fellow teammates. Some know him well. Others have never met him until last week. In a short time he’s made quite an impact on the Barons dressing room, and on ice play. Much like Ben Ondrus and Bryan Helmer before him, the captain position is about various leadership abilities, some that aren’t even related to hockey.

In the case of Green, his reputation preceeded him, and that’s good on Green. Does it matter that he’s the captain? No. Does it matter that he is held in high regard by his team, the fans, and the organization? Absolutely.

Now that I’ve said it I sound pro-captain. I’m really not. But I am pro-Josh Green. Congrats!