29 Days Until Barons Hockey – Youth

Photo courtesy of Rob Ferguson. All rights reserved.

Untold stories. Sometimes the most important things go unreported, forgotten, and sometimes ignored. The truth is, sometimes those untold stories uncover greater stories. And that’s the travesty of it all. Ignored when they should be boldly discussed.

Youth hockey in Oklahoma is not a new enterprise. But it’s success and strength are rapidly increasing. Regional championships, solid player development, and heightened awareness in a non-hockey state — all are happening in our own backyard. And if you blink, you might miss how important this truly is.

With the still-new-Barons playing each Fall/Winter, the excitement for youth hockey continues to bubble. So as we charge towards a new AHL season, we willfully can choose not to ignore the youth of our city who actively pursue competition, comradery, and fun all in the name of hockey.