30 Days Until Barons Hockey – Fans

Photo courtesy of Rob Ferguson. All rights reserved.

As we embark on the countdown (and who doesn’t love a good countdown), let’s think back on the year that was Barons hockey 2011-12. There were many highlights. Many late game heroics. Many stretches where I found myself wondering, “Will this team ever lose two in a row?”. And during that time the faithful fans have enticed players along through *thick and thin. They aren’t an overwhelming swarm nor even a middle-sized majority. The true faithful Barons fans are a small, tight-knit, and well meaning group. They love hockey when no one else around them can describe a blue line (it’s blue, duh).

So, on this the first day of the countdown, I salute the fans. The ones whom make Barons hockey a truly great minor league sporting event. Your snark, support, and supplemental happiness are a treasure to your city…and to this author. Well done.

*WARNING: There will be cliches, over-used phrases, and snark in the countdown. You must be this tall to participate.