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While Oklahomans insist on believing that 100 degrees is a respite, I choose to believe the complete opposite. Because if it ain’t 70, it ain’t cool. And because of this, I divert your eyes to some yummy frozen blog goodness with Barons interests (and a few to the contrary). So, grab your battery operated fan (yes, you still need it) and enjoy.

“He’s an Ovechkin fan now.”
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“Teubert is almost there for crying out loud. People talk about him being a failed 1st round draft pick like he’s playing in the ECHL. Colten Teubert was taken #13 overall four years ago, is now playing the AHL at level par or better and has enjoyed a prolonged stretch as an NHL defenseman. I think Oiler fans are getting spoiled by the #1 overall selections. We shouldn’t forget this guy, he will come in handy. He may never be more than a #5D, he may never be any better than Theo Peckham is right now. But we don’t know that, and even if he ends up being exactly that, Colten Teubert should have a career.”
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“Work with the Edmonton Oilers training team to implement similar programs in Oklahoma City Work with the OKC GM and Head Coach on program planning on a weekly basis for the players”
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“The Islanders, Carolina and Minnesota didn’t even have a single player play 40 games and best Paajarvi’s possession numbers. Four other teams had players with the possession numbers, but none were 15 goal scorers. Seven teams had just one player make it. Of those 14 teams, just three made the playoffs, two on the back of Vezina-level goaltender, the other by sneaking through an awful division.12 of the 14 teams with the most of these type of players made the playoffs. Good teams have good players.”
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“In Alex Plante’s case, the series of concussions has taken a toll, slowing his development and jeopardizing his future. While the Oilers saw fit to re-sign him this summer upon the expiry of his entry-level contract, he’s now reached that phase of his career where he will have to clear waivers before being sent back to OKC. Along the blueline he’s one of eight veteran pros in that boat; without a doubt he ranks eighth among them on the depth chart, and is also looking up at Justin Schultz and likely Teubert as well. Nipping at his heels is an impressive group of recent recruits. The clock is ticking, and despite his pedigree and promise, Plante may soon be running out of time.”
via Cult of Hockey 

What Happens In Springfield Stays In Springfield, Right Dane?

Sometimes a team signs a guy, and you really don’t know what to expect. Unless of course you sign Dane Byers to a two-way contract, you YouTube-him for a few days, and then the question of “Why Dane Byers” becomes a reality. What’s interesting about Byers is that his two-fold reputation precedes him. He’s a really strong offensive presence in the AHL, with not much NHL potential long term. He’s also an angsty individual, and sometimes a little too much at that. As evidenced by an interesting turn of events when Byers took exception to several Bridgeport Sound Tigers. Sticks were made to be broken, right?

Scouting The Enemy: Matt Fraser, Texas Stars

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography. All rights reserved.
Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography. All rights reserved.

As fans of specific American Hockey League teams await a full schedule from the league’s front offices, it’s that mid-August point of the off-season where you can indeed begin to size up your opponent — despite knowing when or where or how often you’ll be seeing them. Over the last two seasons of farming history in Oklahoma, the Barons have seen their share of Texas teams. It’s not uncommon, mainly for travel purposes, for the schedule to have a heavy emphasis on neighboring teams. And, rightly so, neighboring teams in the same division of the league. Even with a new simplified conference realignment this summer, the Oklahoma City Barons still find themselves shrouded by teams from down south. San Antonio, Texas, and Houston will all be familiar foes in the 2012-13 season (add Charlotte for good measure). So familiarize yourself right now with these teams, their players, and their futures — we’ll see them a lot.

Take the Texas Stars, for instance. A down year last season doesn’t equal the talent they have at various positions. Much has been debated on the goaltending load that the Stars organization has shouldered in the offseason, and it’s definitely interesting to watch. However, there are a few names that come to mind offensively-speaking when talking about the Texas Stars. One of those being young Matt Fraser.

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Remembering The NHL Lockout In Oklahoma City

Way back in October of 2004, the NHL found itself in the throws of a horrid situation. A lockout forced many NHL players to scatter to many continents, various leagues, and a handful of odd destinations (and subsequent sweaters with ads). To put it mildly, it was a disappointment for those that followed the game their entire lives — including a recently married man from Oklahoma named Neal.

As a resident of Oklahoma City, I was going to be fine. You see, the Central Hockey League was still plugging right along. The triple A OKC Blazers were putting together an entertaining team as they glided across the pre-Thunder ice in the Ford Center. There weren’t going to be any Marty Turco double pad stacks, Mike Modano soaring moves towards the net, or any Bill Guerin right wing lazers. Instead it proved to be another fisticuffs heavy, slow-paced, but rarely dull minor minor league hockey season. That was until Tyler Fleck, a fan favored Blazers defenseman, made a phone call.

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Monday Mumble: Caution! Watered Down Hockey Ahead

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]Every Monday, I’ll unload a weekend’s worth of ramblings as a part of the Monday Mumble. It’s a mixed bag of Barons verbiage that is completely unfiltered, but always spell-checked (maybe).[/box]

Photo courtesy of JaAaron
Photo courtesy of JaAaron

There stands Gary Bettman. Mics in his face. Reporters probing him about the CBA. And there stands Bettman. Smiling from ear to ear. Hopefully faking the disgusting mess that has happened in a brief time between lockout and potential lockout. The Commissioner of the National Hockey League has added a hard date for the new CBA to be approved, thus saving the beginning of the season in October. That date now apparently is September 15th.

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BBG&CS: Roster Speculation & Prospect Countdowns

Welcome to the first ever installment of BBG&CS where you’ll be able to find the latest and greatest link roundup on all things Barons. Posted every Saturday, hit this spot for the best news stories you might have missed. And don’t forget, you just might find some Barons coverage in your local newspaper. Just look between Big Game & Club Soccer.

Can Magnus Paajarvi really jockey for a position with the big club? Jeff thinks so. And perhaps you should consider it as well. (via OilOnWhyte)

Bruce McCurdy dissects the pool of forward talent in Oklahoma City. Not just any forward talent, but power forward talent. He mentions four specific names that seem primed for the NHL. Who made that list? (via Edmonton Journal)

The Oklahoma City Barons floor hockey endeavors have been consistent as well as persistent. This week they packed up the sticks and landed in Enid. The Enid News found it entertaining. And as always…HOORAY PHYSICAL EDUCATION! (via Enid News)

Both the Cult of Hockey and Copper & Blue have been conducting prospect countdowns with varying shades of results. Both are incredibly well done, well thought out, and worth a detailed read. Can Bigos really make the difference? Will Taylor Hall be #1 until he’s dethroned by Yakupov. Check them both out.

If you’re an instagrammer (of course you are), find Tyler Bunz on the social photo service for an inside look at eats, friends, and scenery. After all, what else are using instagram for?

Just a quick shot today, but check back next week for more BBG&CS!

Thoughts From The Barons Owner

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography.

Thursdays were made for simple things. Professionallly speaking, it’s the work day where loose ends begin to be tied up, weekend plans are discussed and thoughts from a busy week unwind in our minds. It’s the over-the-hump-Friday-is-coming day of the week that causes some to check out mentally. Unless you work for Prodigal, the management group responsible for luring, steering, and promoting an Oilers AHL farm team in Oklahoma City.

On this particular Thursday, the office is bustling. Quick footed office staff juggle answering phones, making copies, and tending to an ailing co-worker. Never missing a beat, the pace of the office overflows to the operations staff. In the rows of clear, glass plated meeting rooms, and offices contain some very hard working individuals who are responsbile for many things, but including the hockey team that we all have grown to love in under two years of existence. The movement in this office looks more akin to late November than it does late July, but that’s the way minor league hockey gets done in small markets — a constant flow of busyness.

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