7 Guaranteed Home Dates In 2012-13

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy. All rights reserved.

Each offseason the American Hockey League releases 6 or 7 dates for each team which are for the purposes of being called “guaranteed” home dates. The idea behind revealing these dates has always been a mild head scratcher for me, but the league continues to insist that it better prepares each team organization for specific promotions on those nights. And perhaps if you’re planning a road trip, or a visit to an AHL destination the guarantee of seeing your team on home ice at a given time might be worth while. Nonethless, here are the key dates for the Oklahoma City Barons:

The Barons will open their 38-game home schedule October 19 at the Cox Convention Center.  In addition to the home opener, the Barons will play at home November 2 and 3, December 15 and January 18 and 19. These dates are in addition to the Barons home game slated for November 13, which has been designated as School Field Trip Day.

Play begins for the third season in Oklahoma City on October 19th which is 7 days after the season officially begins which probably puts the Barons on the road to start the season. No surprise there. On November 3rd both Oklahoma State and Oklahoma play out-of-town college football games at undisclosed times, and that usually weakens hockey attendance. There also seems to be no promise of a New Year’s Eve game as of yet, but things might be able to perculate on this front when the full season schedule is released. If you’re wondering about Thunder basketball coinciding with these dates — you’ll have to wait.  With NBA bball not starting until the end of October, beginning of November the cross pollinationg of downtown sporting events hasn’t fully been brought to our attention (yet).

All guaranteed dates are Friday/Saturday games minus the annual Field Trip Day game which is on a Tuesday.

The league-wide schedule is usually released following that of the NBA. With numerous shared buildings throughout the league this is the way it goes.

Unless you’re a Famous Idaho Potato Bowl watcher, I don’t see any immediate issues with this schedule. And we’ll sit and wait as more important news arrives this summer (and by important, I mean anything other than a schedule).