The Barons Re-imagined

The first round of the playoffs have come to a rollicking conclusion for our beloved Barons. They fought hard, struggled a bit, but proved they were a much superior team to that of the Houston Aeros. As we await the next opponent, and a subsequent seven game series, we all begin to daydream.

I’ve often complained about attendance at Barons games, and at times it really is most disconcerting. But imagine with me for one moment a world where the Barons are a global brand. One where they are as welcomed in Oklahoma City as they are in Okinawa. A brand synonomous with grit, determination, agility, ferocity, and heart.

As my mind wandered yesterday evening, I began imaging this world even more. Forget the 2,000 that know them; instead it’s 200 million that chant LETS GO BARONS.

So, without further ado, I give you the Barons — through the eyes of global brands. Can you guess the original brands that coincide with these logos. Post in the comments. I’m excited to see whom can get them first. Enjoy