There’s Something About March

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography. All rights reserved.

It’s incredible how quickly we forget the past. I realize I run the risk of sounding like the voice over for ‘The Wonder Years’, but the recent past is all to often ignored.

There’s no denying that the Oklahoma City Barons are slumping. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong (although I think I know why). You can blame goaltending, which indeed has come down to earth. You could blame the loss of Ryan O’Marra and the head-scratching induction of Bryan Rodney. Perhaps it’s the line shakeups that occur when the Oilers infuse the Barons with “NHL caliber players”. Maybe it’s coaching. Maybe it’s fatigue. Maybe it’s a team that is due for a dip, and dip you dip we dip is occuring. I have reason to believe that this Barons team plays with too much pride, too much determination, and too much grit to let a slump continue. But one has to wonder, why now? Why here? Why March?

The truth is that in the inagural season on the farm in Oklahoma, March was brutal. Last year the team graced us with a 4-7-4 record during the month of all things Spring Break. And break they did. So much so, that it took a a strange swaperoo scenario to get them into the postseason. Interestingly enough there is some rhyme and maybe some reason as to why the month of March gets sketchy for the second year in a row.

Travel with me to last season. Because there’s something about March

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Keep Calm & Teemu On

Even in defeat (on multiple occasions) there is reason to look for a glimmer of hope. I’ve found it! Plain and simple, Keep Calm & Teemu On. Now adorn your computer desktop with a lovely sentiment that only the Barons faithful can appreciate.


Born To Be Mild

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography. All rights reserved.

The road can be a long and lonely place. If you were to travel from the East coast of the US to the West, you’d encounter 3,200 or so miles, most of that concreted interstate. The occasional mountain or roadside monument might be in your peripheral, but the majority of the trek would be completely boring. If you’re a truck driver reading this, you are a better man than I.

The Oklahoma City Barons are currently on a trek, one that is landmarked closer to the Eastern time zone, and with some increasingly familiar faces. Although the road to these destinations might be long, winding, and boring, the actual games were anything but. We learned a lot about the Barons this weekend. Some wounds were exposed. Some missteps were noted. But the real question in this journey is simple. Can the team learn from these mistakes to become a better team?

Three games in three days against three different opponents on the road is a tall order. Friday it was a potential first round playoff matchup with the Peoria Rivermen, followed by a Saturday jaunt to Grand Rapids to ensnare the Griffins. The team found themselves in a less-than-24-hours-later scenario on Sunday where they’d face the Chicago Wolves. When the dust settled the Barons only gained a single standing point, were outscored 12-6, let in four power play goals while only scoring one themselves, and gave away 37 total penalty minutes (32 of the minor variety) while their opponents only gave up 21. It was all kinds of ugly for one of the best teams in the American League.

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